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Micro-fermentation dining table, healing band, exclusive design commemorative card to accompany you to welcome the new year

Date :2023-01-01
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Meet the first dawn in the northeast corner of 2023! The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications launched the "Waiao (Waiao) Dawning Waves-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Dining Table" activity at the Waiao Service Area in Toucheng, Yilan today (1/1). Facing the seascape of Guishan Island, Ao Beach welcomes the new year of 2023 with tourists in a form full of local characteristics and a sense of ritual.

Ma Huida, director of the Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office, said that every New Year's Day, there are different types of activities to welcome the dawn and watch the sunrise all over Taiwan, including concerts and flag-raising ceremonies. The beautiful scenery of Guishan Island in Ao Beach has always been loved by many tourists, and this event is combined with the real estate industry for the first time to hold a micro-fermentation table event in the Wai Ao service area, hoping to create an impressive welcome ceremony with deep northeast characteristics , and together with the public, seal up the New Year's touch in their hearts and start a new year.

The Waiao service area in the northeast corner enjoys the unique ocean scenery of Guishan Island, and "Waiao Shuguang Greeting the Waves-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table" is a unique event for welcoming the dawn, which is exclusive to the northeast corner. In order to let tourists welcome the first dawn, the event set up a "micro-fermented dining table" in the service area of Wai'ao, supplemented by lighting and floral decorations to create a warm atmosphere, and especially worked with the local brand "Bulb Fish Dessert" on the meal Room" and "Wai'ao No. 9 Coffee" were jointly researched and developed, and incorporated into the design of the micro-leavened bread ingredients of Yilan Zangjiu Winery, to accompany tourists to enjoy the cozy Northeast corner with a smile. At the event site, a string trio "Shadow of the Dawn Tree" was arranged to bring out the artistic conception of chasing light and shadow with the intertwined melody of violins, as the opening prelude of the event; Bring the inspiring song "Chasing the Waves". The ups and downs in the lyrics symbolize the encounters in different stages of life and encourage people to move forward bravely; at the end, the Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra uses hand plates, zithers, crystal bowls, and crystals. The harp, Australian woodwind, singing bowl... and other diverse forms, deduce the fresh, natural and elegant exotic and mysterious music style, praying for the spirit of connecting heaven and earth, the universe, and all things in nature, leading the people at the scene to return to the peace and joy of the soul .

In addition, this time "Waiao Shuguang Yinglang-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table", in addition to micro-fermented meals, the event also prepared a variety of local special sharing gifts, including good morning micro-fermented-Jinzao wine grain bread, New Year's Blessings - Tiger Monument Commemorative Cake, Qingshui Geothermal Experience Coupon (limited to 112 copies), three-dimensional commemorative postcard of "Kuishan Asahi and Sunshine", tourists who participate in the micro-fermentation table can also participate in the Happy Wine Ceremony (2021 Paris Wine Competition Silver Prize box) "Kuishan Asahi Golden Jujube Wine-Limited to 20 Groups" lucky draw, full of various experience activities with a sense of ritual, warmly greet the first dawn of 2023 with the people of the whole country!

There are many rich tourist options around the Wai'ao area of Toucheng Township, Yilan County, including Beiguan Tide Park where you can listen to the sea and watch the tide, Toucheng Old Street on Kailan First Street, Lanyang Museum, a photo spot for online beauty, and Dakeng Temple Jingtai and Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park. In addition, when you come to Yilan, you must go to Jiaoxi Hot Spring and Qingshui Geothermal. Soaking in hot springs and eating delicious food in winter is definitely full of happiness! During the New Year’s Day holiday, the whole family, friends, couples, girlfriends Why not take a one-day or two-day light trip to the coast of the northeast corner, relax and recharge your batteries to welcome the new year!

On December 31, Jiufen's New Year's Eve event "Lucky rabbit welcomes auspiciousness and safety lights up"

The Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office and the New Taipei City B&B Development Association co-sponsored the "Fu Rabbit Greeting Lucky and Safe Lighting" event, hoping to bid farewell to 2022 with the New Year's Eve party "Bottle Lantern Lighting Safely" In the face of the epidemic, welcome the year of 2023 with the "Fu Rabbit Greeting Prosperity", conveying a warm and healing atmosphere to the world.

The themed activity is "Lucky Rabbit Welcomes Auspiciousness and Lights Up Safely". In Shuijinjiuwu, we will lead bottle lamp painting in the gathering/sharing space, and start with art and environmental protection. "Peace" means. After drinking the ebony soup, the bottle body is painted to belong to its own art bottle and environmental protection bottle, and LED lights are injected to achieve the effect of environmental protection and reuse. It is suitable for decoration, night light, and accompanying light. Let the bottle lamp stay safely at home or in places or with you.

Welcoming the 2023 New Year's Eve party, in the oldest theater in northern Taiwan, "Shengping Theater", through the atmosphere of singing and dancing in the Changmin Entertainment Center, let the music linger, and drink slightly, gradually let travelers feel the warmth and peace in peace. At the moment when the saxophone sounded, the drums cheered, the national standard danced vigorously, and the DISCO ball was full of enthusiasm, praying that the epidemic would soon recede. , Let's welcome together "Futu Yingxiang lights up safely" 2023 Yutu welcomes spring and flourishes throughout the year.


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Last Updated:2023-01-05