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2023 Waiao (Waiao) Shuguang welcomes the waves-Northeast corner micro-fermentation dining table

Date :2022-12-21
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The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications (referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) launched the "Waiao (Waiao) Shuguang Yinglang-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table" activity at the Waiao Service Area in Toucheng, Yilan this year. It welcomes the first light of the new year in a form full of local characteristics and a sense of ritual. Travelers are invited to go to Waiao Beach in the early morning of January 1, 2023, and enjoy a beautiful march of smiles together.

Located in the Waiao service area within the jurisdiction of the Northeast Corner Management Office, it enjoys a unique view, and "Waiao Chasing Light and Waves-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Dining Table" is a unique welcome event exclusive to the Northeast Corner. The outdoor beach area will set up a "micro-fermented dining table" experience area, supplemented by lighting and floral decorations. This time, the meal is specially developed in cooperation with local brands "Bulb Fish Dessert Studio" and "Wai'ao No. 9 Coffee" to integrate into Yilan. Design of micro-leavened bread and ingredients for winery. We will accompany tourists to enjoy the cozy Northeast corner with a smile and eat light.

In the prelude to the event, the string trio "Chasing Light and Tree Shadow" brought out the artistic conception of chasing light and shadow with the intertwined melody of violin; and then the popular singer Zhizhi-Guo Zhiyin and Gong De, the king of the forest, brought the exciting song "Chasing "Waves", the ups and downs in the lyrics symbolize the encounters in different stages of life and encourage people to move forward bravely. The micro-fermented dining table and beautiful light are continued by the Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra, which uses hand plates, zithers, crystal bowls, crystal harps, Australian woodwinds, singing bowls... and other diverse forms to deduce a fresh, natural and elegant exotic The mysterious music style, praying to connect the spirit of heaven and earth, the universe, and all things in nature, will lead the people at the scene to return to the peace and joy of the soul.

In addition, the series activities of Waiao Chasing the Light and the Wave‧Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table Series have prepared a variety of event sharing gifts. We look forward to working with the public to seal up the New Year’s touch in our hearts, and we will collect the imprint of happiness belonging to the Northeast Corner, "Thousand copies" Entrance Ceremony" Good morning micro-fermentation-Jujube wine lees bread, "Thousands of check-in gift" New Year's blessing-Hu character monument commemorative cake, "112 limited warm first delivery" Qingshui Geothermal Experience Coupon, and "Guishan Asahi Greeting the Sun" Three-dimensional commemorative postcards, full of various experience activities with a sense of ritual, we will warmly welcome the first dawn of 2023 with the people of the whole country!

"Waiao Shuguang Yinglang-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Dining Table" will open registration for a limited number of dining table experience activities on December 16. The fee is 399 yuan per person. The experience includes a micro-fermented meal, a cup of heart-warming hot drink, and beach VIP Seating area service, limit 112 people. Tourists participating in the micro-fermentation table can also participate in the happy wine storage ceremony (2021 Paris Wine Competition Silver Prize Gift Box) "Kameyama Asahi Golden Jujube Wine-Limited to 20 Groups" lucky draw to bring back the golden wine rich in fruit and honey Home, continue chasing light and memory. For details, please see the Friends of the Northeast Corner fb fan page .

Waiao Dawn Meets the Wave──Northeast Corner Micro-fermentation Table

Time: 2023.01.01 (Sun) AM05:00-07:00

Location: Waiao Service Area, Toucheng, Yilan (No. 6, Section 2, Binhai Road, Toucheng, Yilan County)

Dawn Tree Shadow|Beach Light Music, Huyin Music|String Trio Zhizhi Guo Zhiyin ft. Gong De Shuguang Yinglang. Northeast corner micro-fermentation dining table
Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra

Paid experience content: 399 yuan per person, including 1 micro-fermented meal, 1 cup of heart-warming hot drink, beach VIP seating area service (limited to 112 people)
Registration link (for registration and event-related questions, please contact Peggy 0928-336-680)

Scenery, light food, music, exclusive dawn ceremony in the northeast corner

The micro-fermentation table has a limited number of places, and friends who do not have a card can still bring their favorite meals to have a picnic (there are also small snacks on site), watch the dawn, enjoy live performances, and have the opportunity to take away commemorative gifts that incorporate local characteristics! (The number of event gifts is limited while supplies last!)

  • [Entrance Ceremony] Good morning micro-fermentation-Jinzao wine lees bread
  • [Punching Gift] New Year's Blessing - Tiger Monument Cake
  • [Limited warmth first delivery] 112 Qingshui geothermal experience coupons
  • [Limited] Kameyama 3D Commemorative Postcard


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Last Updated:2023-01-05