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Innovation Highlights of Yibin Iron Horse Corridor at the Commencement Ceremony of Dafu Observation Deck

Date :2022-09-27
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In order to promote the Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path and promote the development of the Zhuangwei area, the Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Management Office of the Yilan Coastal Scenic Area have cooperated with the Zhuangwei Township Office and integrated relevant local resources to plan and set up the "Dune Iron Horse Corridor" on the Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path. Road Observation Platform (Dafu Observation Deck)”, the groundbreaking ceremony was held today (9/26). Legislator Chen Oupo, Yilan County Deputy Mayor Lin Jianrong, Yilan County Zhuangwei Township Office, village representatives, village chiefs and Dafu Weapons The test site waited for the attendance to attend and pray for the smooth progress of the project.

Dafuku Observation Deck Commencement Ceremony

Ma Huida, director of the northeast corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the director of the Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office, said that the Yilan Coastal Bicycle Road has abundant natural tree shades and the charming seascape of Guishan Island, attracting many big friends and children to visit. Thanks to Zhuang for this project The Weixiang Office will work together to promote it. It is expected to be completed by the end of 111. In the future, it will connect the surrounding Yongzhen Coastal Recreation Area, Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Ecological Park to Donggang and other recreational attractions. Re-experience the recreational charm of Yilan's seaside, and introduce tourist crowds to drive local development.

Innovation Highlights of Yibin Iron Horse Corridor

On-site Legislator Chen Oupo, Yilan County Government Deputy Chief Lin Jianrong, Yilan County Council Member Chen Fushan, Huang Member Jianyong, Zhuangwei Township Office Secretary Zhang Jiahao, Zhuangwei Township Representative Council Chairman Zhan Wangbin, Dafu Village Chen The village chief Ronghua and other local units all came to give positive support to the project, and prayed for the project to be completed on schedule and with high quality.

Innovation Highlights of Yibin Iron Horse Corridor

In Zhuangwei coastal areas, eel seedlings were caught in winter, and eels were caught in summer. The fishing method was that fishermen took a simple sampan to go out to sea to release their nets, and cooperated with fishermen on the shore to pull the nets ashore and share the catch. The design concept of this case is in the shape of a "net", " The state of the waves and the "sampan platform" are used as images to maintain and utilize the dune terrain of the base, integrate local characteristics and memories into the viewing platform, and create three undulating pallets for parents and children to stop and enjoy the scenery. At the same time, the place name "Dafu" "As the main axis of the design, combined with fixed swing seats, visitors can interact with the beautiful scenery of Guishan Island and the coast through the three-dimensional frame view, adding a new highlight to the northeast coastline. This platform will create a new node for the Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path, and add local characteristics to the Yilan Coastal Strip Recreation Area, creating a brand-new regional style.

Last Updated:2022-09-30