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Thrilling the northeast corner of the secret wedding tour Taoyuan Valley happy departure

Date :2022-04-29
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At the turn of spring and summer, there are poetic and beautiful scenery everywhere, and many love affairs have also blossomed and bear fruit, preparing to usher in a new stage of life's journey. In order to let the public deeply feel the beauty of Taiwan and experience the breathtaking scenery and moments, the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office), together with the Sixpence Photography Team and Bride Secretary Baroque The Zoe styling team joined hands to invite lovers to the blue ocean country in the northeast corner, put on warm golden light, collect the green and blue of the sky, and travel around the mountains and seas. With the popular concept of "wedding photography micro-travel", the memories are filled with laughter happiness record.

Taoyuan Valley Wedding Shoot

silver wedding couple

A total of 12 couples participated in this year's throbbing Northeast Secret Wedding Shooting Tour. Among them, a couple, Mr. Shen and his wife, who have been married for 43 years, were born and raised in Ruifang, and have lived in Ruifang since childhood. The daughter recounted that her parents always said that they did not know what love was, only that they could not live without any of them. Because there are few photos of young and hard work, I hope to help parents make a memory through this activity. Most of the new couples participating also have a special geographical relationship with the northeast corner and love the natural scenery of mountains and seas. On the wedding day, the newcomers will wear wedding dresses and suits, and step on the northeast corner. This year’s romantic modeling stronghold, Longdong Bay Ocean Park and the South with natural beauty. Yaqi Stone, feel the charm of the blue sea belonging to the unique seascape in the northeast corner, and the pair of affectionate figures also embellish the scenery with romantic feelings. In the afternoon, I will go to Taoyuan Valley, which is full of mountains and seas, to shoot beautiful wedding dresses. I will come to the open and straight Taoyuan Valley. Into a paradise on earth! After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds sat on the ground casually, enjoying the afternoon tea time with the scenery of mountains and seas, feeling the wonderful string sound of the violin, and immersed in a relaxing and happy time.

Taoyuan Valley Picnic

Taoyuan Valley Picnic

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic in the past two years, most of the weddings and wedding shoots of newlyweds have been affected and delayed. The Northeast Corner Management Office hopes that through such a romantic itinerary, it will fully integrate the local natural culture and tourism industry, and open up a new experience of "wedding photography, vacation, honeymoon" full of characteristics for new couples, and become a high-quality choice for tourists looking for romantic attractions. The management office of the northeast corner is actively shaping the romantic attractions in the area and developing the secret tour itinerary. It is hoped that under the premise of epidemic prevention, Chinese people will go out to experience the new life of CITS and experience the unique beauty of the mountains and seas in the northeast corner.

Longdong Bay Wedding Shoot

For more event information, please visit the official website of the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration ( or visit the fan page of "Friends of the Northeast Corner".

Last Updated:2022-05-24