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2022 Multi-Bike Route GoBikeTAIWAN Play and Ride Certification

Date :2022-01-25
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2022 Multi-Bike Route GoBikeTAIWAN Play and Ride Certification

In order to encourage the public to play and ride on the 16 multiple routes, the Tourism Bureau will hold the " 2022 GoBikeTAIWAN Certification of Multiple Bicycle Routes " from January 3 to April 30, 2011, as long as you ride any of the multiple bicycle routes + complete the designated tasks , after being confirmed by the service staff, you can get the exclusive commemorative certification medal for the route, and there is a chance to draw big prizes: cash prizes, high-end bicycles, gift cards from well-known sporting goods stores, etc.


No limitation, participants need to use the smartphone's APP that can record the movement path, or upload the movement path record to the smartphone through the smart wearable device.

How to ride:

There is no need to register, and you can independently complete 16 multi-bicycle routes in the six major types announced by the Tourism Bureau. Use your smartphone to use the Ring Bike Dream APP or other APP software that can record the riding path (such as Relive) to record the riding track of the bicycle. Upload the riding track to your personal Facebook or Instragram, mark it as "Certified by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation", "Go out with a ride", and set it to be shared publicly to the National Scenic Area Tourism Service Center designated by the route, and confirmed by the service staff. You can get a "Limited Exclusive Commemorative Certification Medal" for this route.

The number of medals is limited: 200 for each route, while supplies last, each person is limited to one for each route.

For detailed event information and route introduction, please visit Taiwan Bicycle Travel Network .

There are various bicycle routes under the jurisdiction of this office~

  1. Golden Mountain and Sea Line (Confirmation and Certification Medal: Fulong Visitor Center)
  2. Yilan Binhai Lanyang Plain Line (Confirmation and Certification Medal: Zhuangwei Dune Tourism Service Park)

Visitors are welcome to participate!

Northeast corner bike

Northeast corner bike route

Northeast corner loop