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Waiao waters business returns to Yilan County Government

Date :2021-12-29
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Waiao waters business returns to Yilan County Government

Waiao waters (from Jindougong in the north, to the north breakwater of Wushi Port in the south, extending 400 meters from the high tide line, previously announced as the coastal recreation area of Hong Kong and Macau), located in Yilan County, the competent authority of Yilan County Government since 1996 It has been more than 14 years since it began to entrust the operation and management of this office. The Yilan County Government and the Department have been promoting the conclusion of the entrusted management of Waiao waters since 101, and then the results of a meeting in October this (110) were discussed. In view of the fact that the management of Waiao waters by the Office is a staged task to guide tourism, and In recent years, recreational activities in the waters of Waiao have become one of the popular attractions in Yilan. The Administrative Procedure Law is based on the principle of constant jurisdiction. The operation and management of Waiao waters will be returned to the competent authority, Yilan County Government, on January 1, 111, which will provide Waiao with the proper development of local characteristics; this office will use the Greater Northeast Corner The tourism circle integrates the charm of local tourism, and continuously improves the quality of tourism through diversified marketing, industrial style shaping and creative itinerary series, and creates a tourism highlight in the greater northeast corner.


Last Updated:2021-12-29