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2021 Zhuangwei Sand Dune Landscape Art Festival debuts on 11/19

Date :2021-11-13
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The third ``2021 Zhuangwei Sand Dune Landscape Art Festival'' co-sponsored by the Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and the Management Office of the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Management Office), the Yilan County Government and the Zhuangwei Township Office of Yilan County The grand opening will be held on November 19, 110 (Friday)! This (2021) Zhuangwei Sand Dune Art Festival invites outstanding local artists and teams from Yilan to create on-site creations with the theme of "Dune Art Space", to discover and interpret local characteristics, and invite Yilan local performing arts The team "Turtle Theater" and "A Root with Root" inject enthusiasm and vitality into the opening event, and hope that through the art festival activities, they will illuminate the unique landscape of Zhuangwei and the cultural features of the agricultural and fishery industry.

This year’s Zhuangwei Sand Dune Landscape Art Festival has added 6 large-scale works of art. The creative ideas originate from the famous agricultural products and rich ecological landscapes in Zhuangwei. "Ben Yi Jue Chen" evokes the childhood memories of Yilan people through the sand horse crab, "Leaning the rope to divide the fish" shows the local residents and nature tug of war and the spirit of helping each other, "Yiran Poetry Heart" is based on Lanyang Xikou Ecology is the theme of creation, "The Virtue of Life" uses the vitality of fish to live and multiply, implying the endless life of life, and "Guishan Morning Sun" created based on the idea of the famous scenic spot "Guishan Island" in Yilan, etc., make full use of Zhuangwei’s local environmental materials, cultural resources and local characteristics are used for artistic creation and ingenious connection. It is hoped to use landscape art as a medium to strengthen the cultural connection between the Zhuangwei Sand Dune Tourism Service Park and neighboring areas, and integrate into the local climate and local residents. Life, in order to promote the in-depth tourism route of Yilan Coast.

The "2021 Zhuangwei Sand Dune Landscape Art Festival" will be on display from November 19, 110 to February 28, 111. During the event, in addition to enjoying the landscape art works, local farmers, local artists, and cultural and creative youths are also invited. Organizing the life market, exhibiting and selling Zhuangwei’s special agricultural products and experiencing hand-made DIY and other content, hoping to experience a different rural slow life through diversified ways of participation, and feel the simplicity and vigor brought by Zhuangwei.

Related event information:

■ Venue: Zhuangwei Sand Dune Tourism Service Park ➢ November 19, 110 to February 28, 111: An exhibition of landscape art in Zhuangwei sand dunes.
➢ November 20th, 110: Flying Bird Tracking (free on-site participation, guided by the Yilan County Wild Bird Society to visit winter migratory and resident birds).
➢ November 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, and December 4, 110: Life Market (Small Farmers & Cultural and Creative Booths, Music X Magic Performance, Driftwood Fun DIY).

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