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2021 Caoling Trail "Four Edges and Four Shots" Photography Competition

Date :2021-11-09
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The atmosphere of the autumn harvest is getting stronger. The ancient meaning of autumn is cool. The Caoling Trail is one of the most popular hiking routes in northern Taiwan. It is about 8.5 kilometers in length. The temple, which takes about 4 hours to walk, is called "Caoling" because many Taiwanese and white-backed awns are planted on both sides of the ancient road. The "grass" is the protagonist of the harvest in this season. At the autumn equinox, the awn flowers sway along the trail, echoing with the wild ginger flowers, making the white flower spikes floating on the entire hilltop beautiful. The "Caoling Ancient Road Flower Season Activity" will be held on November 6th this year. (6) It will debut on November 28 (Sun). In recent years, it has become a tourism brand event in the northeast corner. It attracts about 80,000 tourists every year to enjoy the fascinating demeanor of the mountain flowers.

The Management Office of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area specially organizes the 2021 Caoling Trail "Four Edges and Four Shots" photography competition, which includes a rich award. The highest prize is NT$30,000. The submission period for the event is November 6. (6) Until November 30 (Tuesday), the award-winning works will be selected by professional judges. I hope that the moment of the beautiful scenery of the northeast corner of the Miscanthus through the photography works will allow the beauty of the northeast corner to be inherited and the sweetest memories in everyone’s hearts. , Through photos, I think of the beauty in my heart again, and return to the journey to find the exclusive memory of life again.

2021 Caoling Trail "Four Edges and Four Shots" photography competition:

  • Event submission period: November 6 (Sat) to November 30 (Tue) deadline.
  • Photography theme: Take the Caoling Ancient Road "Magnolia" as the theme to capture and record the beautiful scenery of the flower season on the Ancient Road.
  • Eligibility: All photography enthusiasts are welcome to participate. (If the author is under 18 years old, the legal representative must sign and seal, please refer to the brochure).
  • Work specifications:
    1. The photos and digital discs of the works will be delivered together. Only photos taken after November 6, 110, please develop as 8*10 inches or 8*12 inches glossy color photos for the competition. The digital disc contains JPG files or TIFF files of all entries, and the photo file name is: name of the contestant-name of the work. (Requires a JPG file or TIFF file taken with a digital camera above 10 million pixels).
    2. Only for my own shooting, no pasting, compositing, mounting, bezel, blanking, overlapping, moderate adjustment of brightness, clarity, saturation, contrast and cutting are allowed, the back of each work should be floating and pasted The completed work submission form will not be accepted if it does not comply with the regulations.

Please refer to the event page for registration methods and more event information

Caoling Ancient Road Miscellaneous Flower