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Stay in Jiufen for one night and travel to the old streets and alleys!

Date :2021-11-01
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Jiufen and Keelung Mountain can be seen in the distance; the whole town is located on a hillside, forming a unique hillside and stepped architectural landscape. Because of the golden years of mining, it has also faded away as the pit is closed. Until the 1990s, the movie "City of Sadness" was set here. Its unique old buildings, slopes and customs attracted domestic and foreign attention through the film. The nostalgic atmosphere inherited many gourmet snacks, such as: taro balls, grass kueh, red rice Meatballs and others have revived this area and become tourist attractions.

During the day, it is always crowded and noisy. In the evening, the light shines through the clouds, the faint golden yellow renders Jiufen and Jinguashi, the colors of the Yin-Yang Sea alternate, the sunset and the sunset, and the unparalleled scenery of the mountains and seas can be seen. When the night falls, the red lanterns hanging along the way illuminate the Shiti streets. Jiufen at night is a little quiet and mysterious. At this moment, it is suitable for enjoying the scenery and tasting tea, participating in the charming night tour to listen to the culture of the old mining area, and explore Jiufen. With its unique black oil leather roof, it is time to travel through the old streets and alleys.

The "Taiwan Hao Xing Golden Fulong Line" route under the management of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area is very popular due to many popular hot spots. This year, in cooperation with travel agencies, the "Jiufen Stay One Night" two-person package will be launched. The content Including Jiufen B&B’s "Shenyin Kingdom" double room for one night on weekdays and unlimited rides on Taiwan Haoxing buses for a total of four. The package offers a special price of only $1250 (original price $1680) for a limited period of time, in Jiufen Staying for one night can not only learn about the nostalgic history, but also experience the ever-changing customs and rich heritage of Jiufen. In addition to Jiufen Old Street, you can also use the one-day unlimited ride ticket to explore the Golden Museum, Golden Waterfall, Shuinan Cave, Bitou Cape, Yanliao and other tourist attractions, or explore the earliest development and the most historically recorded Tamlan Old Road North Road , The historical context is organized into the "Canguangliao Ancient Path", "Yang Tingli Ancient Path" and "Lanzheng Road" three ancient paths, all of which are good choices, and they can enjoy the charming and elegant scenery of the northeast corner at one time.

"Taiwan Haohang Golden Fulong Line "Night Stay in Jiufen" Package "

※For more information and details of the package, please check the sales channel

※If you stay in the "Shenyin Kingdom" double room on a holiday, you need to make up for the difference. The number of rooms is limited, please make a reservation in advance.

Coastal highway night view

Last Updated:2021-11-19