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The dream-builder is recruiting students for a limited time for free training courses

Date :2021-11-01
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What the dream-building staff "recruits" is that your free training courses are enrolling students in a limited time[‼ ️]

The road to business is full of various unknown challenges, the so-called craftsmanship spirit, which is to focus on the present and be ready to meet the big and small levels at any time!
This set of courses will spend 30 hours with you to transform and feel the magic of the brand's re-evolution
Professionals in the five major fields personally teach experience, aesthetics/taste/service, and comprehensive soft power to improve product positioning, more accurate customer experience, and upgraded brand texture[💗]
The shopkeepers from the neighbors will come to class together!

Dream Builder

Dream Builder 1

Dream Builder 2
[🆓] Enrollment of 22 partners in the northeast corner
(The admission list will be announced after selection by the organizer)
[✨] Enrollment time for Dream Maker series courses: from now until 11/10 (Wednesday) Deadline Training time: 11/23 (Tuesday), 12/07 (Tuesday), 12/16 (Thursday), 12/23 (Thursday) ), 12/28 (Tuesday), 30 hours in total
[✨] Entry form portal

Last Updated:2021-12-02