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The northeast monsoon is approaching the sea, and the risk is high

Date :2021-10-26
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The northeast monsoon is approaching sea areas with high risks

Typhoon and long wave warning to avoid approaching the coast

The time is about to enter winter. From October to March of each year, the northeast monsoon affects the region during the most severe period, when the sea area risks increase and the walrus condition is the most unstable. The Northeast Coast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office specially reminded that during the northeast monsoon, beach activities should be carefully selected safe locations, pay attention to typhoon warnings and long wave warning announcements, and should be more alert to your own safety and do not risk going to areas hit by wind and waves. Coastal area; in order to improve their own safety, coastal (side) activities should wear life jackets, anti-skid shoes and other basic equipment, and safety is the first priority!


During the northeast monsoon every year, risks in the coastal waters of the northeast corner increase and walrus wave conditions change greatly. Seaside activities should pay attention to their own safety and avoid activities near the seaside if it is not necessary. In order to enhance the safety of coastal waters activities, the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office announced the location of 17 dangerous coastal areas within its jurisdiction, and set up safety and warning facilities in each dangerous area to remind the public to cooperate and increase their self-protection vigilance. Enter Safety equipment such as life jackets and non-slip shoes must be worn in the announcement danger area; in addition, seaside activities should always keep track of wave conditions and weather reports. It is prohibited to enter the announcement danger when a typhoon warning is issued or when the average wind reaches level 8 and the wave height exceeds 6 meters. Regions; also pay attention to the Central Meteorological Bureau's release of instant messages about long waves. If the alert area includes the northeast coast or Yilan County, please avoid watching the waves, playing in the water or intershore activities close to the coast to maintain your own safety and avoid accidents.

In addition, in order to improve people’s real-time use of marine weather information, the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office has been cooperating with the Central Meteorological Bureau and Chengda Hydrological Center for a long time to develop and build a marine weather information station, and the marine weather information is posted on the notice board. The QR-code link on the website allows visitors to use their mobile phones to quickly obtain the latest walrus information. At the same time, in order to strengthen safety promotion, the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast Management Office will work with the New Taipei City Fire Department, Police Department, and Marine Patrol to handle it. The joint inspection announced that if there are violations of the announcement restrictions such as entering the announcement dangerous area without wearing a life jacket, the Northeast Corner and Yilan Management Office will impose a penalty of NT$30,000 or more in accordance with Article 64 of the "Development Tourism Regulations" 90 Fines below 10,000 yuan. Remind the public to remember to protect their own safety as the first priority, so as not to endanger their own safety and worry their family members.

*For marine weather information, please refer to " Central Meteorological Bureau website " or " Northeast Cape Sea Weather Information Network "

Last Updated:2021-11-02