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In the northeast corner of the autumn, take a tour of the ancient Caoling Trail to "appreciate the flowers and soak in a good soup"!

Date :2021-10-21
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The atmosphere of the autumn harvest is getting stronger. The ancient meaning of autumn is cool. The Caoling Trail is one of the most popular hiking routes in northern Taiwan. It is about 8.5 kilometers in length. The temple takes about 4 hours to walk. The reason why it is called "Caoling" is that there are many Taiwanese and white-backed awns growing on both sides of the ancient road. At the autumnal equinox, the awn flowers sway along the path, echoing with the wild ginger flowers, making the white flower spikes floating on the entire hill beautiful.
The Management Office of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Management Office) has been organizing the "Caoling Old Road Mang Flower Season Activity" since 2002. It has been promoted for nearly 20 years this year and has become a tourist in the Northeast Region in recent years. Tourism brand activities attract about 80,000 tourists every year to admire the fascinating charm of Manshan Mountain. From November 6th (Saturday) to November 28th (Sun), 2021, the Mango Flower Feast will be held every Saturday and Sunday. It will also continue to be promoted in a relaxed and free manner, leading everyone to set foot on the ancient road with a history of two hundred years, and to collect the beautiful memories of the ancient road in autumn.
Take the "Taiwan Northeast Coast-Yilan Northeast Coast Coastline" to Dali Tiangong Temple Station to enter the mountain, from small bridges and flowing water, tree-shaded trails, to the unobstructed view of the pass, and historical sites that witnessed the history of the development of northern Taiwan. The ancient road with a drop of only 350 meters is well maintained, smooth and easy to walk, and has a view of the mountains and seas. It is very suitable for parents and children to travel together. If you have plenty of time, you can also plan to take the "Taiwan Northeast Coast-Yilan Northeast Coastline" to Jiaoxi to visit the autumn and winter limited "viewing the flowers and soaking good soup" tour, plan a journey to relax the body, mind, and soul!
2021 Caoling Old Road Mang Flower Season Date: 11/6 (Sat) ~ 11/28 (Sun), held every Saturday and Sunday.
☛ Range of activities: along the Caoling Trail, Fulong Visitor Center to Dali Visitor Center and its surrounding attractions.
☛Activity content: Quyi performance by the Dali Visitor Center (11/6 limited), re-engraving of the Tiger Tablet (extended tablet), Caoling Ancient Road "Four Edges and Four Shots" photography competition, a small trip to appreciate the mango bath, etc.
☛In order to provide a safe travel space for tourists and encourage tourists to appreciate the beauty of the awn flowers regardless of the holidays, the Northeast Management Office will not provide another shuttle service this year.
Caoling Ancient Road Pass Pavilion

Last Updated:2021-11-02