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2021 The first Gongliao Jimuling "Water T Art Festival" is officially launched!

Date :2021-10-17
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"Love, in the Tland", hundreds of water and land art strung together to form an aesthetic landscape in the northeast corner​
The opening ceremony of the first "Water T Art Festival" hosted by the Northeast Landscape Management Office and undertaken by the Taiwan Art Creation Cultural Foundation was held today on October 16. Participants included the Northeast Point Landscape Management Office, Gongliao District Office, New Taipei City Agriculture Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Meifeng Lichang in the local area, Taiwan Art Creation Cultural Foundation, curator Xiao Xueyuan, and people who subscribed for the creation. Hang up your own water T to complete the opening ceremony. Hundreds of "Water T Sea" float on the water terraces, forming an unforgettable aesthetic landscape of the northeast corner.

Ma Huida, director of the Northeast Air Management Office, the organizer, said that he was very happy to see such a spectacular "Water T Sea" land art display. The century-old water terraces in Jimuling, Gongliao are the most beautiful place in the northeast corner that integrates nature, agriculture and culture. The scenery, lined with the blue East China Sea, blue sky and white clouds, is an unforgettable scenery once seen. In the past few decades, it has been difficult to see abandoned farming. In recent years, the water terraces have been rehabilitated. Jimuling is also located on the "Yangtingli Ancient Road" on the "Tanlan Ancient Road". Ling's "Water T Art Festival" hopes to introduce visitors to this century-old landscape with both history and humanity. Through the land art season to get close to nature and mountains and forests, it will drive tourists to the surrounding areas and experience Gongliao's "up to the mountains and down to the sea". Enrich the face of tourism.

Zhong Yaolei, the mayor of Gongliao District, pointed out that Gongliao’s mountains and seas are rich and diverse. It is not just sand sculptures and ocean music festivals. The "Water T Art Festival" in Jimuling allows everyone to see the beautiful mountains of Gongliao once. View sea view. Li Yongping, chairman of the Taiwan Art Creation Cultural Foundation, the organizer, said that she is very happy to plan this land art activity. She established the foundation to use culture and art to drive the creation of rural areas and let the depth of the local beauty be covered. see. This combination of art and the landscape and culture of 100-year-old water terraces allowed the public to discover the cultural and natural characteristics of Gongliao Jimuling and Tamlan Ancient Road, and allow ordinary people to participate, bringing in local livelihoods and vitality. She thinks it is very meaningful. Activity.

The curator Hsiao Xueyuan said that he left home to work in Taipei a few years ago, but he could not forget the century-old terraced fields when he was a child. After digging the soil and repairing the stems, a small piece of water terraces was finally "reproduced". This "Water T Art Exhibition" is planned to allow more people to understand the water terrace culture of the ancestors and the history of the ancient Tamlan Road in Jimuling through the art of the earth, recreating the agricultural and humanistic features of the childhood, and providing the Gongliao belt. Into more vitality.

Xiao Xueyuan also said that "love" can be expressed generously or implicitly. But sometimes, some "love" is embarrassing to confess, just let "love, in T Tian" convey it to you. "Water T Art Festival" expresses exclusive emotions through fluttering T-shirts, reflected in the beauty of the blue sky and white clouds and the century-old water terraces. This love also represents the eternal mark between heaven and earth.

"The First Water T Art Festival" successfully recruited 120 pieces of water T to hang on the water terrace for exhibition, and the water T was dancing in the wind on the spot. Today, many people who have subscribed to Water T are also attracted to take photos with their works, and be the collective creators of the first land art season on the Jimuling and Tamlan Ancient Road! Seeing the feelings and images that I want to express through the patterns, display Everyone felt very happy on the water terraces reflecting the beautiful scenery of white clouds and blue sky.

The official exhibition period of "Water T Art Festival" is from October 16th to 22nd, which lasts for one week. Co-exhibitors can watch water T art in the Jiumuling Water T exhibition area on October 16th and 17th for 2 days with relatives and friends. work.

For other visits, please make an appointment first on FB: "Meeting Jimuling " Facebook fan page.

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Last Updated:2021-11-02