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In 2021, the first Gongliao Jimuling "Water T Art Festival" starts soliciting entries! "Love, in T Field", let Water T confess your emotions

Date :2021-09-16
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In 2021, the first Gongliao Jimuling ``Water T Art Festival'' starts soliciting submissions!
"Love, in T Tian", let Shui T confess your emotions

2021 The first Gongliao Jimuling "Water T Art Festival" starts! From now until September 30, the public solicitation for "100 Water T" will be hung on the beautiful scenery of the 100-year-old terraced fields in the northeast corner, so that the public can upload their favorites The creation or pattern of "Everyone is an artist." Through the patterns, the emotions they want to express are displayed on the terraces reflecting the beautiful scenery of white clouds and blue sky. The public has also become the first land art festival on the Jimuling and Tamlan Ancient Roads. Co-creator!
Ma Huida, director of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office, the organizer, said that the century-old water terraces in Jimuling, Gongliao used to be the most beautiful natural and cultural landscape in the northeast corner. Just unforgettable scenery. However, it has been difficult to see abandoned farming in the past few decades. In the past few years, water terraces have been rehabilitated. Jimuling is also located on the "Yangtingli Ancient Road" on the "Tanlan Ancient Road North". The Northeast Management Office specially held the first Gongliao The "Water T Art Festival" in Jimuling hopes to introduce visitors to this century-old landscape with both history and humanities. Through the Land Art Festival to get close to nature and mountains and forests, it will drive tourists to the surrounding in-depth tourism and experience Gongliao's "up to the mountains and down to the sea" "The rich tourism outlook."
The first "Water T Art Festival" was executed and undertaken by the Taiwan Arts Creation Cultural Foundation. The curator "Meeting Ji Muling" Xiao Xueyuan said that the Water T Art Festival will solicit 100 T-shirts. You can freely use the content of the T-shirts. Design or provide photos, "You are the artist"; and in this field of blue sky, white clouds, ridges, paddy fields, insects, and birds, "this terraced water field is an art gallery"! T-shirt listening to nature in the sun and breeze Sound, dancing with the wind, the curatorial concept is to let the T-shirt pattern tell the story of each individual.
Xiao Xueyuan also said that "love" can be expressed generously or implicitly. But sometimes, some "love" is embarrassed to confess, just let "love, in T Tian" convey it to you. "Water T Art Festival" expresses exclusive emotions through fluttering T-shirts, reflected in the beauty of the blue sky and white clouds and the century-old water terraces. This love also represents the eternal imprint between heaven and earth.
The official exhibition period of "Water T Art Festival" is from October 16th to 22nd for a week. Co-exhibitors can go to the Jiumuling Water T exhibition area to watch the water T art works on October 16th and 17th for 2 days with relatives and friends. During the epidemic period, you need to make an appointment to register in advance, and it is not open to the public to visit. The general public uses online broadcasting to participate in the appreciation of each person's exclusive art creation at home.
"Water T Art Festival" preview video preview!
Those who wish to register for the exhibition are welcome to go to the "Meeting Jimuling" fan club to obtain the registration form . The deadline for receipt is September 30, 110.

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Last Updated:2021-10-13