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"Happy Summer in the Northeast of i Fun" will start on September 1st!

Date :2021-09-02
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To seize the end of the midsummer of 2021, the Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau and the Management Office of Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) specially presented the "i Fun Northeast Corner for a Summer" joint revitalization plan, and selected 16 companies to simultaneously explain If you have a discount plan, as long as you go to the designated store in the northeast corner from September 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022, follow the friends of the northeast corner FB fan page and fill in the online questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to get a limited edition of the "Great Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle" "Revitalization Voucher", you can enjoy the well-being benefits of 100% off after spending over 300%. If you fill in the questionnaire at the store, you can also get an extra "exclusive gift in the northeast corner"! Participating players from professional water recreation: Longdong Bay Ocean Park, Longdong Four Seasons Bay, Fulong Sailing Club; parks or restaurants with diversified facilities: Blue Bay Beach Recreation Park, Longmen Camping Resort Base, Fullon Hotel-Fulong Branch ; To the surrounding area of ​​Jiucaoling Loop: Blue Bay Cafe-Fulong Store, Hao Coffee Shicheng Store, Lailai Secret Land, Empress Gallery at Magang Post; even mountain private house attractions: Gudao Inn, Hexiangju Wood Burning Kiln Toast, Tingtao cafe; and those that continue to extend to Yilan Zhuangwei: No. 9 Coffee Waiao Pavilion, Seaview Coffee, Pain de KAI can be used for baking-Zhuangwei Sand Dune Service Park, so that those who rush to go out in the dying summer Travellers, enjoy discounts while visiting the characteristic attractions in the northeast corner full of ocean vacation atmosphere!

Operation flow chart of "Greater Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle Promotion Ticket"

Never been so close to the sea, wandering in the Northeast Sea Paradise

Coming out of the Bitou tunnel in the northeast corner, Longdong Bay Ocean Park, which flashes by the window of the car, is an ecologically rich conservation park. The park hides a natural seawater swimming pool, sea view cafes and coastal ecology and geological interpretation classrooms, with professional coaches. Offering snorkeling, canoeing and diving courses, it is also an important place for marine education off-campus teaching. The overwhelming water activities allow friends of all ages to wander in the fun of ecological learning and appreciate the gifts brought by the ocean. And down the Cape of Longdong Bay, you can see the remarkable landmark of the white fort-shaped building. This is one of the exclusive yacht harbors in the northeast corner—Longdong Four Seasons Bay. It has a unique sea-eroded terrain, shaping the yacht harbor, seawater paddling pool and intertidal zone. In addition, Longdong Four Seasons Bay has built a pet swimming pool for the children, and has a soft silk rehabilitation center that promotes the importance of marine rehabilitation, etc., and uses humans as the main body to paste natural entertainment. Facilities provide tourists with unique recreational activities on the sea. Going further south, the Fulong Sailing Club next to the Fullon Hotel Fulong is the most professional canoeing theme park in Taiwan, including bodyboarding, surfing, SUP stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and wind and waves. Boards, OP sailing boats, laser sailing boats, hobiecat catamaran sailing guides and teaching are all available, and with equipment rental, tourists can have a rare canoeing experience without having to carry large bags and small bags.

Longdong Bay Ocean Park

Longdong Bay Ocean Park has canoeing courses guided by professional coaches, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of water activities. (Photo/Provided by Longdong Bay Ocean Park)

(Photo/Longdong Four Seasons Bay)

With a considerate heart, Longdong Four Seasons Bay also specially built a unique pet swimming pool for the Mao children, giving them a cool summer day. (Photo/Provided by Longdong Four Seasons Bay)

(Photo: Fulong Sailing Club)

The most professional canoeing theme park in Taiwan—Fulong Sailing Club. It has everything from boogie boarding, surfing, SUP stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, wind wave boarding, OP sailing, laser sailing, hobiecat catamaran sailing. (Photo/Provided by Fulong Sailing Club)

Nanyang, sports, carbonated springs, diverse recreation

In addition to the colorful sea recreation, the magnificent sea scenery has made many sea-themed parks appear in the northeast corner. The Blue Bay Seaside Recreation Park is worth visiting, covering solitaire cart rides to watch seaside plantings, beach activities in sea bathing beaches, and strolling on the landscape trails or even recalling the story of the establishment of the Anti-Japanese Monument. On the side, it retains the southern Fujian-style architecture. The semi-outdoor café is cool and airy, and is decorated with the sometimes rammed dragonhorn fern, and you can feel the strong Nanyang style the moment you enter. Leaving the Blue Bay, there is a large Longmen camping resort on the Fulong section of Taiwan Line 2. As the designated venue for the World Jamboree in 1991 and 2001, the Longmen Camping Area provides five different special camps, including barbecues and jumps. Activities such as pagoda bombing, biking, and even cooperation with professional canoeing companies to promote various canoeing courses, so that tourists who come by land can re-recognize Gongliao from the perspective of waterways. In addition to the two major parks, the well-known Fullon Hotel in Fulong is located far from the train. This five-star hotel is equipped with a resort villa, including beach water sports activities, and Chinese creative cuisine restaurants. , Electronic recreation area, bicycle rental service, karaoke room and other comprehensive service items, giving tourists a full range of vacation enjoyment, and introducing the island’s only chloride bicarbonate marine hot spring for tourists to restore the body, The beauty and beauty have good effects, and the skin will be chuckle after soaking!

(Photo/Blue Bay Beach Recreation Park)

​The Blue Bay Seaside Recreation Park is worth visiting, where people can sit in a South Fujian-style cafe with a Nanyang style and think about the anti-Japanese stories of the ancestors. (Photo/Provided by Blue Bay Beach Recreation Park)

(Photo/Longmen Camping Holiday Base)

As the designated venue for the World Jamboree in 1991 and 2001, the Longmen Camping Area provides five different special camps and plans for barbecues, tower jumping, paintball, cycling and other activities. It is suitable for school groups or families to experience. . (Photo/Provided by Longmen Camping Holiday Base)

(Photo/Fullon Hotel-Fulong Branch)

The five-star Fullon Hotel-Fulong is located in the vast hinterland including Fulong Beach, and includes a full range of services such as water sports, Chinese creative cuisine, electronic recreation, bicycle rental, karaoke, ocean hot springs, etc. . (Photo: Provided by Fullon Hotel-Fulong Branch)

Looking for coffee on the loop line to the northeast corner, cycling and watching the sea

With the rise of the Chinese people's awareness of movement in recent years, the Northeast Corner Management Office has combined the local humanities and geomorphology to create the old Caoling circular bicycle path, connecting Fulong to the beautiful coastal scenery of Shicheng in the northern part of Toucheng, and these beautiful scenery can be seen from time to time. The sea-view coffee house embellishes this coastline with pearl-like highlights. Since the Fulong Visitor Center, there is the Blue Bay Coffee-Fulong Store, which provides shade and shelter from the rain. The light blue ceiling decoration, with rich coffee and curry rice, is the most suitable space for rest during the sun and heavy rains. Cycling to Shicheng, the red-brick double-storey building built by the coastal height difference, Hao Coffee Shicheng Store, has a 180-degree observation deck overlooking the sea view of Guishan Island, a parking lot and a relief square on one side, and a number of Yilan land reclamation maps are displayed. Following the historical trajectory of this place once occupied by the Spanish, the interior is decorated with western-style furniture in blue and white tones, and the ingenuity of inadvertently blending into the local cultural background, bringing bicycle enthusiasts to supplement resources and taste the local field. The Lailai Secret Realm, which is also located on the loop line, was rebuilt from the Lailai branch school. The installation art extending from the outside into the interior is the landmark of NetMei’s check-in. After passing through the nearby forest tunnel, there is the largest fire dragon rock in Taiwan standing in front of you. Back in the store, the living space not only provides coffee, tea, snacks, but also surprisingly cheap Yilan biscuits, sea vegetable egg drop soup and other local flavors! Follow the coastal road back to Fulong, at the inconspicuous corner between the bay and headland, hiding from the Empress Gallery, the original post of Magang Post. The small and exquisite shop is now displaying the collection of cat painter Pepe Shimada's illustrations and installations. In addition to the excellent deck chairs in the first row to enjoy the sea view, visitors can experience the high-quality holiday that is intertwined with art, culture and natural sea views. In addition, there is also a unique gourmet abalone braised pork rice, which is only available in the northeast corner of the holiday. You can eat it, whether it is driving by or even resting on bicycle, Magang Post is the best choice!

(Photo/Lanwan Coffee – Fulong Store)

The Blue Bay Coffee-Fulong Branch, which is located next to the Fulong Visitor Center and provides shade and protection from the rain, offers aromatic coffee, curry rice, and exquisite cakes. It is the most suitable space for rest during the sun and heavy rains. (Photo/Lanwan Coffee – Provided by Fulong Store)

(Photo/Xiao Coffee Shicheng Store)

The interior is decorated with western-style furniture in blue and white as the main tone, and the ingenuity of the local cultural background is inadvertently integrated, which brings cyclists to supplement resources and taste the local field. (Photo/Provided by Hao Coffee Shicheng Store)

(Photo/Lailai Secret Realm)

The Lailai Mystery, which was rebuilt from the Lailai campus, is hidden in the old Caoling circular line. The living space provides coffee, tea, snacks, and surprisingly affordable Yilan biscuits, sea vegetable egg drop soup, etc. Local flavor! (Photo/Provided by Lailai Secret Realm)

(Photo/Empress Gallery, Magang Post)

The exquisite gourmet abalone braised pork rice set meal at Empress Gallery at Magang Post is only available in the northeast corner of the holiday. (Photo/Provided by Empress Gallery, Magang Post)

The private collection of mountain food hikers

I have seen along the coastline, and there are a few private scenic spots hidden in the mountains that are only known to hikers. It is the best place to relax when visiting the Caoling Ancient Road, entering the Dali Tiangong Temple for blessing, or exercising on the ridge line trail at Bitoujiao. In order to enable tourists to quickly replenish the energy lost during mountaineering, the Gudao Inn, which is located at the original site of the Caoling Ancient Road Tiger Stele Protection Management Office, specially provides iced coffee, tea eggs, bento, fresh juice, etc. that are convenient for consumption; Not far from the Tiangong Temple in Dali, there is a rare hand-made coffee shop at the Dali Visitor Center, which provides tourist consultation services-Hexiangju Firewood Baked Bread. The wood-fired kiln baked bread with the "Tiger Monument" totem, combined with the special specialty of Yilan, serves slate pizza. If you have enough time, you can stop here and feel the master's hand-made coffee and his enthusiasm. Back to the corner of Bitou, the pink camouflage Tingtao cafe was converted from an abandoned barracks. It is a relay station for the Climbing Bitou Corner Trail. Sitting in front of the window with a glass of cold and colorful bubble drink, it can be described as a great enjoyment in the hot weather. Bring a bottle of signature iced coffee before, and enjoy the rich and refreshing coffee while exploring the amazing 360-degree panoramic view.

(Photo/Gudao Inn)

The Old Road Inn, which is located at the original site of the Caoling Ancient Road Tiger Stele Protection Management Office, is a private attraction that only hikers know. It provides convenient iced coffee, tea eggs, bento, fresh juice, etc., so that visitors can quickly Make up for the physical strength lost while climbing. (Photo/Provided by Gudao Inn)

(Photo/Hexiangju Firewood Baked Bread)

At the Dali Visitor Center, a rare hand-made coffee shop—Hexiangju Firewood Kiln Baked Bread, uses the most original flavor of the ingredients to make firewood kiln toast. (Photo/Provided by Hexiangju Firewood Baked Bread)

(Photo/Ting Tao cafe)

At the relay station of the Bitoujiao Trail-Tingtao café, order a cold and colorful bubble drink, which can be described as a great enjoyment in the hot sun. (Photo/Provided by Tingtao Cafe)

Food map extending from Waiao Taikeng to Zhuangwei to Yilan

To Waiao, the eye-catching bright yellow half-faced mountain building is the famous Cafe No.9 Waiao Pavilion in recent years. The design itself is beautiful and beautiful, and it is located on the large gray-black beach in front of the surfing area, with the first row of sea views on Guishan Island. After that, there is the Waiao Umbrella Base, and the light food and beverages that incorporate the local characteristics of Yilan have unique characteristics and excellent flavor. In addition, it also provides indoor and outdoor washing areas for tourists to wash away the mud contaminated from the beach. Let travelers come happily and go home clean. At the other end of Wushi Harbor, there is also a Dakeng bicycle lane on the coastline of Yilan, which offers a 180-degree view of Guishan Island. The original Dakeng Observation Deck military post on the lane is now a blue and white with green plants. The building Seaview Coffee is decorated mainly in blue and white tones, with floral decorations, decorating the cafe with an exotic atmosphere. Have a sip of coffee here, and then go outdoors to enjoy the excellent sea and sky. Taste the excitement of the bicycle shop. Among all the attractions, the hardest to reach is Pain de KAI, which can be used for baking-Zhuangwei Sand Dune Service Park. If you are from Yilan, you are no stranger to it. There is one in Yilan City which is famous for its selected ingredients and can be used for baking. Therefore, choosing the new store location in the Zhuangwei Sand Dune Service Park built by Huang Shengyuan himself is hoping to use the famous sand dune pumpkins and dried radish in the sand to make classic bread drinks with unique local characteristics and create Zhuangwei characteristics.

(Photo/Coffee No.9 Waiao Pavilion)

This yellow building on the Kuroshio Current is a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sun. It looks at each other with Guishan Island in an unbiased way, constructing a beautiful picture frame, as well as the humanities and scenery of this place. And local slow living characteristics give a new color. (Photo/Coffee No.9 Waiao Pavilion)

(Photo/Seaview Coffee)

The Seaview Coffee on the Dakeng bike lane is decorated with flowers and plants on the blue and white base of the building, decorating the cafe with an exotic atmosphere. (Photo: Provided by Seaview Coffee)

(Photo/Pain de KAI can be used for baking-Zhuangwei Sand Dune Service Park)

Choosing the location of the store in the Zhuangwei Sand Dune Service Park built by Huang Shengyuan, Pain de KAI is dedicated to creating high-quality bread and drinks with Zhuangwei characteristics for baking. (Photo/Pain de KAI can be provided for baking-Zhuangwei Dune Service Park)

Or the large northeast corner of the international or local diverse natural and cultural customs

The northeast corner has a long and winding coastline, covering a diverse range of coastal features ranging from headlands, golden beaches to the gray and black beaches of Waiaozhuangwei. There are also rich geological landscapes brought by adjacent mountains. From Bitou Cape to Zhuangwei in the south, it is distributed like scattered pearls on this coastal road with deep ocean charm, giving tourists the experience of water sports, hiking, and even a feast for the taste. What are you waiting for? Internationally or locally, the Great Northeast has everything!

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Last Updated:2021-09-03