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110/9/1~111/1/31 North end of Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path: 2.8K of Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path. Southern End: 3.3K of Yilan Coastal Bicycle Path. Cooperate with the Agricultural Department of Yilan County Government to provide seawater water supply for "Dayuan and Changxing Farming Areas" System subsidy water source project" closed

Date :2021-09-01
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Yilan Coastal Bike Path

North end: 2.8K of Yilan Coastal Bike Path

South end: 3.3K of Yilan Coastal Bike Path

Cooperate with the Department of Agriculture of the Yilan County Government to handle the closure of the "Dayuan and Changxing Aquaculture Area Seawater Water Supply System Subsidy Water Source Project"

Last Updated:2021-09-01