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[Great Northeast Point Sightseeing Circle] Industrial modeling-online theme exchange meeting-live broadcast is about to start!

Date :2021-06-02
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📣 [Great Northeast Point Sightseeing Circle] Industrial Modeling-Online Theme Exchange-Live Broadcast is about to begin ! 🔥

In response to the measures taken during the COVID-19 prevention period, this plan changed the original theme exchanges and observations to be presented in the form of online programs and videos to avoid crowds. The "Theme Exchange Sharing Session" will be broadcast live at 11:00 am on weekdays from June 3rd to June 10th. The length of the video is about 30-50 minutes. The broadcast platforms are Friends of the Northeast Corner FB and the Great Northeast Corner Youtube channel, Line, etc., using online public broadcast.

How the e-commerce travel platform will fight the development of the epidemic, lectured by Huang Zhaoying, the chief marketing officer of Kkday
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Fulanduo Yilan Lishan-Body and Mind Experience
Analysis of the characteristics and trends of the CITS market-Guo Ziyin, Marketing Director of Odinding Group
Video sharing of the results of 30 transformations of the Tourism Industry Shaping Project in the Great Northeast Corner 

Great Northeast Corner Online Theme Exchange Sharing Session

Last Updated:2021-06-04