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The scenic spots in this jurisdiction are closed due to the epidemic situation

Date :2021-05-17
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1. Circumstances of closure of the office's management bases since May 20:

Item Location category Closed
One tourist center Fulong Visitor Center, Dali Visitor Center, Zhuangwei Tourist Service Park, Nanfangao Visitor Center
two Outdoor attractions

Nanziping Trail, Nanya Parking Lot, Old Caoling Tunnel, Bitou Cape Trail,

Longdong Bay Cape Trail, Jinsha Bay Parking Lot, Caoling Ancient Trail, Taoyuan Valley Trail,

Waiao Beach (water area), Neipi Beach (water area)

three Outsourcing business base
(New Taipei area)
Bitou Port Service Area Parking Lots and Stores, Longdong South Port Ocean Park and Yacht Harbor,
Longdong Bay Diving Service Area, Yanliao Seaside Park, Longmen Camping Area,
Fullon Beiyue Hotel (excluding housing), Fulong Water Park Base,
The Fulong Visitor Center is equipped with a hot and cold drink sales department, Lailai Secret Land, Magang Observation Deck,
Bitou Corner Tingtao Camp
four Outsourcing business base
(Yilan District)

Shicheng Service Area and Dali Visitor Center are equipped with hot and cold drinks sales department, Caoling Ancient Road Protection Management Office,

Beiguan Haichao Park parking lot and store, Waiao service area, Guishan Island store, station in the port,

Dakeng Observation Deck, Zhuangwei Tourist Service Park Store, Neipi Security Checkpoint

2. There are no tourists on Guishan Island due to the suspension of the boat schedule.

Last Updated:2021-07-09