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Exploring the characteristics of local self-tourism to create a future highlight

Date :2021-04-15
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Exploring the characteristics of local self-tourism and creating future highlights of international tourism

The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held the second local industry linkage consensus meeting at Luodong Art Space at 2 pm today (14). Learn from outstanding local operators from different aspects, share their own local activities, and become a highlight in the process of creating business opportunities for the locals. I hope that through sharing, participants can stimulate their potential, shape their own unique itinerary activities and bring them to local tourism. The new atmosphere will become the future international tourism feature.

Director Ma Huida of the Northeast Management Office said that local culture is the cornerstone of tourism development. Local industry partners should make good use of the resources available around them, play their own unique roles, and tell others who you are through local stories. Try To be in line with international standards, as long as you can preserve and show your own characteristics and do not need to do excessive things, this is internationalization, and this can truly become an international highlight and benefit the industry. The management office will work together with industry partners.

This consensus meeting invited Lai Qiuru, the person in charge of Art Space, to connect local art professionals in Luodong for a long time, lead them into the world of art tours, and open up people’s new understanding of tourism; Professor Zhuang Wensheng of Fo Guang University shared what he heard and will The academic model is integrated with local culture and creativity to create a new creative itinerary, so that tourism is no longer monotonous and gives new stories; Lu Yi, Chief of Youth Affairs Section of the Labor Department of Yilan County Government shared the most representative local "Yi! Lan people" The business model of "Bazaar" tells how to create and integrate local elements to create a bazaar that is completely different from other counties and cities. It has successfully established a reputation and is a new brand of Yilan Recreation. Combining the three-level sharing of production, government and learning, the reality of tourism is deeply rooted and fermented in the local area. It is hoped that the participants will try to connect with the local, think about their own characteristics and develop new tourism models, and truly achieve "the more local, the more international" the spirit of.

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The Management Office of the Northeast Corner stated that there will be several conferences and special speeches in the future. At that time, it will invite outstanding local management experts to attend and bring you a different profile. Interested people are welcome to continue to follow the "Friends of the Northeast Corner" Facebook fan page. page.

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Last Updated:2021-04-15