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[Promoting Guishan Island Guided Interpretation Course in the Northeast to Promote Sustainable Development of Guishan Island Eco-tourism]

Date :2021-02-24
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Taiwan’s popular tourist attraction Guishan Island will be opened on March 1. The Management Office of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Management Office) will continue to promote the sustainable development of eco-tourism and will conduct a guided tour of Guishan Island on February 23 Interpretation and study activities, hoping to improve the interpretation skills of the guide narrators, and work together to promote the concept of natural ecological conservation.

Director Ma Huida of the Management Office said that Guishan Island is rich in natural ecology and plant resources and is loved by domestic and foreign tourists. In order to improve the quality of tourist tourism services, the Management Office’s police team, management section, Yilan County Government Fire Department and Yilan University are invited to majors. The staff teaches, so that the entertainment fishery ship operators and guides of the Toucheng Fishery Club, and the volunteers from the management office can explain the plant resources of the northeast corner and the ecological environment of Guishan Island to the tourists in more depth, and conduct first aid training courses in the afternoon of the same day. Strengthen the knowledge of first aid training for guide commentators.

The management office pointed out that in order to protect the ecological resources of Guishan Island, the island will be closed from December to February of the following year. From the beginning of March to the end of November, the total amount is controlled to open for sightseeing. 1,800 tourists are open to the island every day, and it is only open on Wednesdays. There are 500 places for academic research on the island, and the highest place at 401 Heights is limited to only 100 places per day. For information about whale watching and landing on Guishan Island, please contact Yilan County Whale Watching Promotion Association 03-9770606 to make an appointment

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Last Updated:2021-02-24