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Santiaojiao radar carried out the removal and installation of the radome and antenna from February 22 to April 30, 110

Date :2021-02-23
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1. The pre-planned removal of the Sandiaojiao radar under the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Communications. Due to the influence of the climate, some domes and antennas are to be removed, and a new dome and antenna will be installed next. Strengthen the dynamic surveillance of aircraft in the northern part of the Taipei Flight Information Region.

2. The construction method adopted this time is to use professionals to use ropes for high-altitude suspension, and cooperate with cranes to carry out dismantling and installation operations. At that time, the implementation will still be arranged according to the weather conditions. If there is no dismantling and installation operations, the Sandiaojiao Scenic Area will not be Carry out control operations. If you want to know the latest construction information, please call us (02-87702180 Mr. Zhang).

3. When using cranes for dismantling and installation operations, Shuowei will close the parking lot (on the mountain) of the Sandiaojiao Scenic Area and the roads with vehicles, and arrange for charity staff to control people and vehicles that do not require funerals to enter the Magang Industrial Road , And guide people who want to go to Sandiaojiao Scenic Area, park their vehicles in the Magang parking lot in the mountain, and then take the hiking trail to rest.

4. In accordance with the planning of the Qingming tomb sweeping activity in Gongliao District Office of New Taipei City, in principle, no crane will be used for the external construction of the radar platform from March 27 to 28, and April 1 to 5, 110.

Last Updated:2021-02-23