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The more local, the more international! Public and private efforts to jointly create an international brand of "Tanlan"

Date :2020-09-09
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The more local, the more international! Public and private efforts to jointly create an international brand of "Tanlan"

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail Association held the signing ceremony of the "Tamlan National Greenway" Public-Private Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding on International Promotion on September 8. Under the witness of Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong, Beibei Kiyi County and City Government, and relevant central ministries and committees, Zhang Xicong, Director of Tourism of the Ministry of Transport, and Zhang Changyi, Chairman of Thousand Mile Trail Association, signed the Memorandum of Public-Private Cooperation for International Promotion of Tamlan Centennial Trail. Swear to continue to gather private and government forces to jointly promote the Tamlan National Greenway, which has both the cultural characteristics of North Taiwan and the spirit of environmental friendliness. Under the common protection and blessing of the people, it will become the strongest pillar of the recovery of the green tourism industry in the post-epidemic era.

The long-distance trail of Tamlan Centennial Mountain Trail is one of the three national green roads approved by the Executive Yuan as a priority in 2018. Initiated by the Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail Association in 2015, the annual Taiwan Trail Day has been carried out by the local county and city governments and the heads of relevant central ministries and organizations and trekking activities since 2016. It has been built through 16 Tamlan platform meetings and public and private joint efforts. Promotion has become the first long-distance pilgrimage route in northern Taiwan. During the period when international tourism could not go abroad due to the epidemic, attracting people from all over the country to visit and study, it has become the best trekking route in northern Taiwan that combines mountain tribute, mountain experience, environmental education, cultural trails, hiking and eco-tourism.

As the central responsible unit of Tamlan National Greenway, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held a public-private partnership promotion press conference on September 8. It is hoped that in the future, it will be able to further participate in the Asian Trail Alliance (ATN) and the world The Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail Association of the two major international trail organizations of the Trail Alliance (WTN) assists in matching the classic routes of the Tamlan Trail, such as the Caoling Trail, the Jinzibei Trail, the Horse Race Trail, and the Nuandong Old Trail, with trails from all over the world To communicate and establish friendship.

At the press conference for the signing of the public-private collaboration, representatives of the four counties and cities of Beibei Kei and the heads of relevant central agencies gathered together to make the wishes and new wishes of Tamlan. Minister Lin Jialong, veteran of the Ministry of Transportation, even walked the Nuannuan-Shifen section of Danlan Middle Road at the end of August, and personally experienced the hand-made trails of Taiping Bengshankeng, and shared with all participants the beautiful scenery and local customs during the trekking of Danlan. , As well as the invigorating harvest of physical and mental healing, and hope that through the administrative support of the Ministry of Transport, the cooperation of the Tourism Bureau and the non-governmental organizations, the Tamlan National Greenway can be invited to the people of the country and even the travelers who love hiking in the world.

In addition to the signing of the press conference, in addition to the four counties and municipalities of Beibei Kiyi that have been jointly promoting the establishment of Tamlan for a long time, the Taipei Water Resources Special District Administration of the Water Resources Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taipei Branch of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan, and the Forestry Bureau of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan Luodong Forest Management Office, the northeast corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and the Management Office of Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, Liu Kexiang, a natural ecology writer who has written many introductions to Danlan, and Luodong Community College along the Danlan Road Network, and the footnote Shuangxi Studio , Shiding Tourism Development Association, Pingxi Chuangsheng and other community groups also attended art performances and participated in the display of special agricultural products and cultural and creative small things around Tamlan Road Network.

The Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail Association, which has long promoted the construction of long-distance trails and greenways in Taiwan, is particularly grateful to partners who can work hard and persist in dreams with local and central units across counties, cities, and the surrounding communities along the road network and the surrounding communities. Friends in the community; the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is precisely such a group of forces that silently give and are willing to share. The vitality and enthusiasm of the people, together with the administrative support and resources of the government, through the joint promotion of public and private cooperation, continue to reserve energy for international tourism. Looking forward to the coming year, Taiwan will not only be the result of epidemic prevention, but also a green road that can demonstrate the country’s soft power. In the construction and trail sightseeing, we will once again show the national brand of Taiwan to the world, and welcome the personal visit of international friends when the 2021 Asian Trail is held in Taiwan.

Last Updated::2020-09-17