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The new and revised beta version of Guishan Island’s landing application system is launched first. Try it out and give feedback~ Stay tuned

Date :2020-06-30
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In recent years, the in-depth tourism of Guishan Island has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the northeast corner. In order to provide the public with a better website operation experience, the online application system for Guishan Island’s landing on the island has been newly revised and built. In addition to the online application for landing on the website, There is also a detailed introduction to Guishan Island and recommended itineraries. The overall process is simpler and the operation is more friendly and intuitive!

Today (June 30), a new version of the Guishan Island landing application system-the beta version is open . All walks of life are welcome to try it out and give back valuable suggestions. During the beta period from June 30 to July 20, the application materials are only for testing. If you need to land on the island , please go to the original Guishan Island landing system to apply, thank you for your cooperation!

New version of Guishan Island landing application system

Last Updated::2020-08-02