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The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area sustainable tourism destination won the annual National Sustainable Development Award for 108 years

Date :2019-11-27
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The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office has won many awards! It won the `` National Sustainable Development Award 108 Government Agency Award '' again! This is the `` 2019 Global Top 100 Award '' issued by the Dutch Green Tourism Destination Foundation on October 10. "Big Green Tourism Destination", this year still has great results and continued glory!

In order to promote the universal value of sustainable development of natural ecology and the environment, the Northeast corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast corner and Yilan duct management office) challenged to register for the National Sustainable Development Award competition , Registered with the "Three Life and Three Things of Diotiu Tongzai" project, giving new life to the old Caoling Tunnel, transforming from cultural heritage preservation, restoration and activation into bicycle lanes, and extending to a coastline of 20 kilometers. It allows tourism lines to be connected to the surrounding fishing villages, promotes and supports local community culture and traditions, and tourism practices, and has become a successful example of sustainable tourism. It has stood out through rigorous review by the members of the National Sustainable Development Committee, including written preliminary review, field review, and review and selection, and won the "Government Organisation" award. On November 25, it was awarded by Zhang Jingsen, a member of the Executive Yuan.

Sustainability International Affirmation

In 2015, the Northeast and Yilan duct management office participated in the WTTC Tomorrow Tourism Awards (Destination Award). It stood out in 158 applications from 57 countries and regions around the world, and was selected as one of 3 shortlisted; from 2016 to 2019 Became the only Asian region to be awarded the "Top 100 Green (Sustainable) Travel Destinations in the World" for four consecutive years. In 2018, it was awarded the silver award of 100 green tourism destinations. It is in line with the global trend of sustainable tourism and promotes the sustainable development of all people. Continuing action to implement the country's sustainable development, it is obvious that the development of sustainable tourism has gained international recognition.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the local industry and tourism services, hoteliers in the region are encouraged to follow the international green tourism supply chain. The Global Sustainable Tourism Commission is used to formulate sustainable tourism guidelines. The homeowners obtained the CU-GSTC hotel certification this year (2019), which shows that green consumption is gradually gaining recognition. The Northeast and Yilan Air Management Office will continue to assist the tourism industry operators in the region to obtain the green certification badge. GSTC-approved certification marks have global credibility. GSTC has signed a contract with a world-renowned booking platform to indicate that it has passed the GSTC-approved certification marks and fully connected the green consumer supply chain.

Deep plowing and thick planting strength

The development of tourism construction and services in the Northeast and Yilan Air Duty Management Office has always adhered to the four development concepts of "sustainable tourism", "international integration", "friendly service" and "local development". In addition to integrating moving services, green buildings, and facilities reduction , Remove excess artificial structures, and activate the transformation of abandoned camps to be run by returning youths to communicate with the local at any time. 35 years of intensive cultivation and management not only make the local natural features and humanistic images more dazzling, but also take into account nature conservation, tourism construction, tourism services and local industries, and strive to achieve the balance of coexistence and prosperity of man and nature.

Success begins with perseverance

Chen Meixiu, director of the Northeast and Yilan Coastal Air Duct Office, said that the fruit of "one step at a time, deep roots in India" is not ready to be harvested after sowing. It requires long-term accumulation and cultivation. Our sustainable plan performance is the management office. Since the founding of the Republic of China in 73 years, we have sown the fruits of irrigation. We are welcoming this time, but we are not complacent. We are still actively setting our next vision and upholding "sustainable tourism"-natural environment, society, humanities and economy The balanced core values continue to promote local economic activity and job creation, and practice the multiple values of sustainable development of tourism resources.

Executive Member of the Executive Yuan Zhang Jingsen (second from right) presented the award to Chen Meixiu (middle), director of the Northeast and Yilan Management Office

Northeast corner again won the "National Sustainable Development Award 108 government agency category" award

Endless crowds of the old Caoling Tunnel

Old Caoling Tunnel provides a safe and comfortable barrier-free travel environment

Last Updated::2019-11-27