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"The sky flies to the movies" 11/2, 3 Cai Mingying group to the Zhuangwei sand dunes to enjoy 6 Chinese and foreign classic movies

Date :2019-10-28
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The "2019 Dune Art Tour" series organized by the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office will be held in November after the "We are in the sand dunes" in the spring and "Dune dance in the summer". From the 2nd to the 3rd, the autumn "Flying Movies" classic film festival and film talks will be held. You are welcome to join the park for free.

Zhuangwei Sand Dun Tourist Service Park
This event was carefully planned by international director Cai Mingliang, and selected many classic Chinese and foreign films in the dunes and outdoor screenings. In the "Hai Hall", which is selected in a unique elliptical space, the classic silent films "City of Light", "Hunter's Night", "Sunrise" and "Ecstasy" are shown. Outdoors are designed with the concept of art installations. The projection screen, the sci-fi classic "2001 Space Roaming" and Huang Mei's classic "Jiangshan Beauty"; in the evening's movie talks, Director Cai will share his film and life memories, and chat with the people about old movies and old songs. On the day of the event, in addition to the catering service provided by the car dealers, in conjunction with the end of the event, Taiwan’s Good Luck Green 18 was also offered to provide night-time service, which was driven by the Zhuangwei Sand Dun to Yilan Railway Station and the transfer station.

Classic old film festival and movie talks

Activity Information:

  • 11/2 (six): program content
    13:00 "Light of the City" (opening film)
    15:00 "Hunter's Night"
    17:30 Cai Mingliang's film talks
    19:00 "2001 Space Roaming" (open-air screening)
  • 11/3 (day): program content
    13:00 "Sunrise"
    15:00 "Ecstasy"
    17:30 Cai Mingliang's film talks
    19:00 "Jiangshan Beauty" (open-air screening) (closing film)
Last Updated::2019-11-13