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Sijiaoku Observatory

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All cyclists should pass by Sijiaoku Observatory during their round-the-island trips. It is not only a good place to rest, but also perfect for those seeking beautiful views. There is a parking lot just next to the observatory, making it highly convenient for those wanting to appreciate natural scenery. Looking down from the observatory is the wide and flat Sijiaoku Wave-cut Platform, where people go fishing. At the back of the observatory, one can find Sandiaojiao Lighthouse at Taiwan’s easternmost point. Right in the front, there is Guishan Island in the far distance.

The observatory itself is unique. The wooded heart-shaped racks are filled with flowers. Internet celebrities like to take romantic photos with the flowers. Many brides and grooms also love taking memorial photos here. The romantic observatory, a lush green prairie, and a big blue ocean are guarantees of perfect photography! 

Travel info

110.4K, Provincial Highway 2
Opening Time:
Open all year round
Admission is free

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot


Gongliao District Happiness Bus (Fulian line) → Get off at Lailai

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Last Updated:2024-03-18

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