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Jiaoxi Hot Spring

Jiaoxi Hot SpringJiaoxi Hot Spring
Jiaoxi Hot SpringJiaoxi Hot Spring

 The geological structure of Yilan County is very special. Along the crust stratum are many hot springs resulting from air warmed by some source underground and rising up blended with under-layer water. Of these hot springs, the Jiaoxi Hot Spring is the most historic because of its rare occurrence on a flatland. It was already famous in the Qing Dynasty when it was called Tangwei, and was further listed as one of the Eight Views of Lanyang in the 1950s by the KMT.


The sodium bicarbonate Jiaoxi Hot Spring is a kind of alkaline fountain. The water is 50 Celsius degrees on average and contains minerals like Potassium chloride, Sodium sulphide, Potassium hydrogen carbonate, Technical Granular, Floating Acids as well as rich organisms.


Jiaoxi’s spring water is crystal clear and odorless, unlike most other hot springs that have a strong smell of sulphur. Except in Italy, only in Jiaoxi can you find hot springs that contain alkaline phenolphthalein. Bathing in this kind of water helps to smoothen the skin, and thus Jiaoxi Hot Spring is applauded as the “true hot spring of hot springs.” It is also believed the hot spring can heal skin disease and stomachache, and therefore many patients have come to Jiaoxi to regain health. Over the last few years, the Jiaoxi Agricultural Association developed a new farming method, using the hot spring water to grow vegetables and fish. The water has even been made into bottled mineral water for sale. The hot spring has truly helped the town immensely. Without it, the town’s tourism and agriculture wouldn’t have gone so well.

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