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Information Station – Truly Outstanding Friendly Service

New Information Stations–Enjoy friendly experiences

“Excuse me, where can we taste great food?” “Excuse me, what are the specialty products of this region?” If you have any question during your journey in Taiwan, come to the Information Station and say “Excuse me~”You may be pleasantly surprised!

In order to help independent travelers have their question answered via friendly, Taiwanese-style service, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has collaborates with friendly stores and service providers throughout Taiwan to establish “Information Stations” that help visitors in Taiwan.

Information Station

Information Station

You can spot an “Information Station” by its yellow, round“Information Station”sign with black letters.Besides wall maps and friendly travel information services, the station also has a Wi-Fi hotspots and QR codes that guide visitors to a variety of cloud-based travel services.

Information Stations add “local characteristics”and“hospitability” to your journey. The aim is to create moving experiences that will encourage visitors to come back time after time, so that they can continue to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan and the warm hospitality of her people. Come on, don't be shy; everyone is invited to make inquiries at the “Information Station”!

Information Station24HR toll-free travel information hotline:0800-011765

Travel Service

Taipei City, New Taipei, Keelung i-center Travel Service System
Fulong Visitor Center No. 36, Xinglong St., Fulong Neighborhood, Gongliao District, New Taipei City 02-24991210
Keelung Visitor Center No.171-2, Huanggang Rd., Jinshan District, New Taipei City 02-24319343
Guanyinshan Visitor Center(Guanyinshan Service station) No.130, Sec. 3, Lingyun Rd., Wugu District, New Taipei City 02-22928888
Sanzhi Visitor Center No.164-2, Putoukeng, Puping Village, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City 02-86355143
Office(Baisha Bay Visitor Center) No.33-6, Xiayuankeng, Demao Village, Shimen District, New Taipei City 02-86355100
Jinshan Visitor Center(Yehliu Service station) No.171-2, Huanggang Rd., Jinshan District, New Taipei City 02-24988980
Yehliu Visitor Center No.167-1, Gangdong Rd., Yehliu village, Wanli District, New Taipei City 02-24922016

Information StationTaiwan Tourist Shuttle – The Easy Way to Travel

Information Stationhe“Taiwan Tourist Shuttle”is a bus service designed exclusively to help travelers, both local and foreign, get around Taiwan with the utmost convenience and economy. From Taiwan Railways train stations and High Speed Rail stations, the shuttle buses take travelers to nearby tourist attractions, covering all of the island's main scenic destinations. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is the easiest and most convenient way to travel for people who are without their own transportation and are not with a tour group. It not only allows them to plan their itineraries flexibly, but also resonates with the new tourism trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Information StationTaiwan Tour Bus–In depth Appreciation of Taiwan's Splendors

Information StationThe Taiwan Tour Bus covers major tourist destinations in Taiwan with a variety of dazzling travel itineraries, allowing you to travel the beautiful island of Formosa with ease and discover her infinite appeal! The Taiwan Tour Bus offers convenient, comfortable and friendly guided tours to a variety of top tourist destinations, with pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, airport, or rail station.Other thoughtful services such as travel insurance allow you to enjoy your sightseeing journey effortlessly and comfortably.

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