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Beiguan Tidal Park

Beiguan Tidal ParkBeiguan Tidal ParkBeiguan Tidal Park
Beiguan Tidal ParkBeiguan Tidal ParkBeiguan Tidal Park

 The Beiguan Tidal Park is located in Gengxin Neighborhood (formerly named Gengfang), Toucheng Township, Yilan County and was called Lancheng in the past. Soldiers already stationed here when Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty ruled Taiwan. Today, only two 180-year-old cannons remain here.


Walk along the park’s hiking trail and you’ll see strange geological formations like Single-faced Mountain, Tofu Rock and sea erosion platforms. It is these formations that make the park a popular destination along the Coastal Highway. Other facilities in the park include a coastal pavilion, a parking lot, public toilets, scenic spot introduction boards, and a food and beverages center. Many other smaller historical objects and geological formations can be appreciated.


The trail leads to the Ray of Sunlight formed by two giant rocks. Meander up rigged rocks and you’ll reach a scenic platform, where you can see Turtle Island and Lanyang Plain in the far south. In the foreground are raging waves—the famous Beiguan Waves listed as one of the Eight Views of Lanyang. As an ancient poem describes, “The Orchid City (Lancheng) imposingly strides across the mid hill as snow-white ocean waves vent anger through their roars.” Such is the magnificence of the Beiguan Waves.

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