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Bus Travel (2)

Bus Travel (2)
The Great Bus Trip (II) (final)—Embrace the Coastal Winds!
Photo You will be introduced to some of the great tourist destinations between Fulong and Nanfangao in this article. You can always take a variety of fun activities in this area, such as bathing in the sea or a cold spring, riding bikes and surfing. Buses run by Kuo-kuang Motor Transport are not as many here, but local trains make up the transport gap. Just plan a trip you like and enjoy it!
Sea-water baths and biking fun—Fulong
Photo1 Fulong is one of the most popular destinations of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, which can be reached by an 80-minute train trip from Taipei along the Eastern Line. Come and enjoy riding bikes or bathing in sea water, two of the most recommended activities here.Photo2
There are rows of bike rentals by the train station. The bikes for rent come in a wide variety, including tandem bikes and lady’s bikes. A full-day rental for a bike is NT$100—a very reasonable price.
The famous “Fulong lunchboxes” are available at several stores by the station. You may want to grab a lunchbox before hitting the road.
Photo3  A biking trip is best enjoyed on the unique Caoling Historic Trail, accessible only to cyclists. The trail, formally a tunnel, was left deserted for nearly two decades before it was refurbished into a biking path. To get to the entrance of the Caoling Historic Trail, follow the road on the right side of the Fulong Train Station for three kilometers.
If you fancy an enjoyable day at the beach, just walk along the main road in front of the train station, turn left by the Coastal Highway, and head for Fulong Visitor Center. Walk further along the center and you will see the entrance of the Fulong Beach.
Surfing Meccas—Dashi, Waiao and Miyue Bay
Photo If you look for some surfing fun, the Miyue Bay will be your choice, as it is considered the most popular surfing destination in the region and only 10 minutes by walk from Dashi Train Station.
You may also surf at Dashi or go a bit further to the south to Waiao. Blessed with a beautiful view of the Guishan Island on the opposite side of the sea, Waiao is gaining popularity these years.
Before diving in, make sure that you are well-equipped for surfing. Related equipment may be purchased at any of the surfing shops by the train station. The shop owners are mostly locals who surf. They can give the best advice on where to surf according to the sea conditions of the day.
Amazing rocks—Beiguan
Photo Beiguan is situated between Dashi and Waiao. To get to Beiguan, take a bus or a 20-minute walk from Guishan Train Station. Beigyuan offers an amazing sight of strong waves clashing against strange coastal rocks, listed as one of the “Eight Wonder of Yilan.” The rock area is now part of the Beiguan Tidal Park and a famous spot for railway photography.
From Beiguan, move further to the north and you will see Hedongtang Lion Museum. This is the only museum in the world that wholly displays stone lions—at more than 2,000 pieces. The museum also offers a great view of the Guishan Island from the glass wall of the lobby. At the Leo Ocean Resort, an auxiliary hot spring hotel of the museum, watching the sun rising from behind the Guishan Island after an overnight stay will leave you even more impressed with Beiguan.
Nostalgic streets—Toucheng
 Toucheng, located at the south of Waiao, is believed to be the earliest settlement in Lanyang Plain. Historic buildings from the Ching Dynasty and the Japanese rule can be found on Heping Street, also known as “the Old Street.”
The Old Street, initially built along a local river, extends from the north to the south. On each end of the street is a “Fude Temple” worshipping the Earth God. The refined architecture of the Taisho Period during the Japanese rule, the pond which used to be part of an ancient harbor, and red-bricked buildings remind people of its glory in the old days.
Toucheng is so small that one hour will suffice to take a round-the-town trip. Despite its small size, Toucheng always touches visitors’ hearts with its hospitality and simple lifestyle.
Precious cold springs—Suao
 From Toucheng, take a bus or train that directly goes to Suao, where you will find world-famous cold springs. The cold springs, as the name suggests, refer to “hot springs that are cold.” Surprisingly, however, a few minutes of cold spring baths always make bath-takers feel warm.
To take a cold spring bath, turn left on Zhongshan Road and head for Lengchuan Road to find the Suao Cold Spring Park. Two types of bathing venues are available: individual bath rooms, as well as a public pool where users are required to wear swimming suits.
There is a public cold spring pool free of charge for locals. It is popular among Suao residents because of the free entrance. To get to this pool, take Zhongshan Road in front of the station and turn left.
Grab a cold drink made of the potable, colorless carbonated spring water before you leave. Such drinks are available at local shops.
Fresh seafood—Nanfangao
Photo Now we are in Nanfangao, a harbor only 10 minutes by bus from Suao. The Nanfangao Harbor is one of the best in Taiwan, with rows of fresh seafood in the fishery market just unloaded from fishing boats. A substantial number of seafood restaurants gather in the surroundings, serving fresh seafood for their customers. Dining at local restaurants is much cheaper than in Taipei, at only NT$500 per person on average.
The last, but not the least to enjoy during this trip, is the landmark of Nanfanga, the Nantian Temple. Facing the harbor, the temple was built to worship the goddess of navigation—Mazu. This is the place where local fishermen come and pray for a safe trip on the sea. Take a look at the splendid Mazu statue made of pure gold and emerald on the second floor, and enjoy a birds-eye-view of the harbor town. Then, return Suao from Nanfangao and take a train back to Taipei. In two hours, you will be at the metropolis again.
Taipei→Fulong (a beach or bike tour)→Dashi (surfing)→Beiguan Tidal Park→Hedongtang Lion Museum→Leo Ocean Resort (overnight stay)→Toucheng (a walk along the old street)→Suao (cold spring baths)→Nanfangao (seafood cuisine)
Taipei to Fulong
A trip from Taipei to Fulong along the Eastern Line is roughly 80 minutes with a Tze-chiang Express train.

By bus:
Take a Kuo-kuang bus that goes between Yilan and Shuanxi. Five buses as such are available per day. The departure time from Yilan is: 05:02, 06:15, 11:38, 14:30 and 15:45.
Alternatively, take a bus that travels between Toucheng and Yinggeshi. Note that only two buses are available each day. The departure time from Toucheng is: 05:40 (weekdays only) and 10:00.
A single bus ticket from Toucheng to Beiguan is NT$24, and NT$33 from Toucheng to Dashi.

By train:
Take a local train and get off at Dashi, Waiao or Toucheng stations. If you want to go to Beiguan, hop off the train at Guishan Station and take a 20-minute walk. A single ticket from Dashi to Guishan is NT$15, to Waiao, NT$18; and to Toucheng, NT$18.

By bus:
Take a Kuo-kuang bus that travels between Toucheng and Nanfangao, and get off at the Suao stop. The bus is available every 30 minutes.

By train:
Take a train that travels along the Eastern Line. Tze-chiang Express trains only make two round trips daily. You may get off one stop earlier at the “New Suao Station” and switch to a local train to Suao. Almost half of the trains traveling from Taipei to Hualien/Taitung stop at the New Suao Station. A single Tze-chiang Express ticket from Toucheng to Suao costs NT$84.

Take a Kuo-kuang bus that travels between Toucheng and Nanfangao, and get off at the Nanfangao stop. The trip takes 10 minutes, and a single ticket is NT$20. It takes 30 minutes to walk from Suao to Nanfangao.

Take a train that travels along the Eastern Line. Tze-chiang Express trains only make two round trips daily. A single trip is two hours and 15 minutes. You may also take a local train to the New Suao Station, which is one stop prior to the Suao Station. Almost half of the trains traveling from Taipei to Hualien/Taitung stop at the New Suao Station.
Fulong Bellevue Resort
No.40, Xinglong St., Gongliao Township, Taipei County 228, Taiwan
Tel: 02-2499-2381
NT$ 6,000 per night

Leo Ocean Resort
No.36, Sec. 4, Binhai Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261, Taiwan
Tel: 03-978-0782
NT$ 3,575 per night

Sincere Home
No.70, Sec. 2, Binhai Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261, Taiwan
Tel: 03-977-3523
NT$ 3,200 per night

Jin Hwa Hotel
No.1, Lengquan Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan
Tel: 03-996-2526
NT$ 600 per night
“Fulong lunchboxes” are famous throughout Taiwan. They may be purchased at the “Xiangye Lunchbox” to the left of the Fulong Train Station. The address of this 50-year-old store is: No.1, Fulong Street, Gongliao Township, Taipei County. A Xiangye lunchbox costs NT$60.

There are many seafood restaurants around the harbor. Don’t worry about language gaps. Just point at the fish you like to make orders, or tell the restaurant owner what your budget is. In general, NT$500 per person will be enough.
Transport Fees

Taipei Station to Fulong Station NT$ 130 for Tze-Chiang Limited Express
Fulong Station to Dashi Station NT$ 19 for Local Train
Dashi to Toucheng NT$ 33 for Bus
Toucheng to Suao NT$ 119 for Bus
Suao to Nanfangao NT$ 20 for Bus
Suao Station to Taipei Station NT$ 271 for Tze-Chiang Limited Express

Meal Fees
About NT$ 500

Ticket Fees
Cold Spring NT$ 70
Hedongtang Lion Museum NT$ 180

Bike Renting NT$ 100

Total: NT$ 5,017
No change is available on buses in Taiwan. Please prepare enough coins in advance.
If you don’t speak Mandarin, just ask someone to write down your destination on a note and show it to bus drivers.
The summer sun can be extremely strong at the North East Coast. Be sure to take sun-block measures before you travel.
Also, remember to check train schedules as there are not many trains traveling daily to this region.
  Other Information
Jeff Surf (Near Dashi Station)

Cool Surf Shop (Near Dashi Station)

Hedongtang Lion Museum
Open: 9:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.
Ticket: NT$ 180 per adult

Suao Cold Spring Park
Open: 9:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.
Summertime Open: 08:00 a.m. – 22:00 p.m.
Open all the time
Outdoor Public Pool NT$ 70 per person
Individual Pool NT$ 200
Individual Hot Spring Pool NT$ 300


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