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Delicacy Guide

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Recommended Dining
Choice Restaurants within the District- This website provides descriptions of selected restaurants and booths within the district. We hope that you will be able to enjoy yourself and taste great food at this scenic area. You’ll go home feeling extremely fulfilled!

Fresh Seafood
Along the Northeast Coast and Yilan Coastline are numerous harbors. Around these many harbors even more live seafood restaurants have opened, where they choose fresh fish from local harbor markets for their customer’s pleasure. This way, the fresh seafood will naturally exhibit its delicious sweet flavor. Fresh and live seafood cooked with the unique methods of different restaurants will definitely satisfy the picky taste buds of any gourmet!
Definitely check out : Aodi Seafood Street, Wushih Harobr seafood, Dasi Harobr seafood, Gengfang Harbor seafood

Local Dishes
This is a collection of the best diners within the Northeast Coast Scenic Area, with everything from traditional full course meals to exotic flavors. The chefs of their respective restaurants use their unique skills to present dazzling meals of tasty flavors. We guarantee that you’ll start drooling, just by reading the descriptions!
Don’t miss out : Fangjiao Fort, Toucheng Farm

Special Local Snacks
Taiwan’s unique delicacies are famous all over the world. A simple taste is all it takes for enormous praise and a life-long desire for more! Within the night markets are an abundance of cheap and tasty choices. Unique dishes combined with local cultural elements form the representative local delicacies seen today. There are dishes made from materials such as rice, flour, beans, seafood and meat. There are also desserts and ice treats. The variety of dishes will dazzle the human eye and open your appetites. That is why there are always many tourists here from afar.
Remember to try : dingbiancuo, smooth ice desserts, mutton soup, chewy taro balls

Cafés and Tea Houses
Café’s and Teahouses- No matter where you are, may it be mobile cafés of the coastline, or retro teahouses in Jioufeng, besides exquisite dining areas, you’ll feel the warm sensation of human kindness through the greetings of the owner or other tourists. That’s why you won’t be able to forget this experience!
Recommended : Cjwine Wine House, Shihcheng Scenic Café, Coastal Cafés

Local Specialty Products
The local specialties of Taiwan vary greatly, and each exhibits its own unique flavor. When you travel to the Northeast Coast Scenic Area, don’t forget to check out the stores we have chosen especially for you. These stores will provide you with a taste of the best local flavors. Additionally, these products are great as gifts or for your own pleasure.
Don’t miss out : Yilan pastries, Su-ao agar cakes, preserved fruits
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