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Rock Fishing Safety

1. Rock fishing should not be conducted individually. Safety gear should be worn and fishermen should pay close attention to the weather and tide.
2. The location should be carefully chosen. Areas where accidents happen repeatedly should be avoided.
3. Fishermen should always be wary of their surroundings. If an abnormal situation occurs they should shout out loud and attract the attention of fellow fishermen.
Use buoyant apparatus by demonstration.
(Use buoyant apparatus by demonstration.)
Correct reaction after drawing by demonstration.
(Correct reaction after drawing by demonstration.)
4. To maintain the environment and natural scenery of fishing areas, trash should be taken away.
5. When boarding ships or landing, fishermen should be careful and avoid slipping or getting knocked over by the ship.
6. Standard rock fishing safety gear includes life vests, spiked footwear and helmets.
7. Always prepare safety ropes, iron nails and hammers for safety reasons or emergency situations.
8. Choice of tackle should fit with your physique and capability. Be sure to know if your tackle is a conductor.
9. Remember to lock your cars and never leave important or valuable items in the car.
10. If any of your equipment falls into the ocean, do not attempt to reach it.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:44