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Caoling Historic Trail: The Season of Silver Grass

Fall is the blooming season for silver grass. As the grasses sway with the wind and their beautiful tassels wave in the air, it seems that there are silver waves throughout the entire valley. In addition, clouds and soothing winds here make visitors feel extremely comfortable.  “Caoling Historic Trail: The Season of Silver Grass” festival will enable people to enjoy abundant natural resources and artistic performances, and experience a relaxed and leisurely time.

Every year, through the theme of silver grass, the organizers design plenty of interesting activities. Let this ancient historic trail that has remained the same for 200 years lead you on a journey of nostalgia and assist you in recapturing scenes of past beauty. We welcome people who enjoy hiking and love nature to come to Caoling Historic Trail with their relatives and friends in the Season of Silver Grass and enjoy an educational journey of local customs and ecology.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:32
Activity Info
  • Time:Novermber

  • Place:Caoling Historic Trail

  • Sponsor:Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration