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Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival

National Center for Traditional Arts organized the "Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival" for the first time in 2000. Each year, it introduces traditional arts activities from many countries to perform in Taiwan with annual themes. This allows nationals to learn more about the traditional arts of the countries in Asia-Pacific area.

Each year, Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival will select a theme with cultural discourse content and global views. The main presentation method is "performing arts", but others activities also include seminar, exhibitions and workshops related to the theme. The organizer invites noted performing arts groups of music, dance and drama with diverse characteristics of Asian countries to perform their unique performances or give exhibitions to produce a "Festival d'Avignon" of the Asia-Pacific area. They also invite Asia-Pacific countries to discuss the conservation and application status of "performing arts" of cultural properties.

Each race in the Asia-Pacific area has their own rich and colorful cultures. Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival can enhance people's understanding about Asian cultures, achieve the purpose of cultural exchange, open people's views and strengthen their acceptance to other races through displays, singing and dance shows, and academic seminars.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:30
Activity Info
  • Time:Oct.~Nov.

  • Place:National Center for Traditional Arts

  • Sponsor:National Center for Traditional Arts