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Ticket Information

Bitou Visitor Service Area

Parking Fee: Bus:NT$100

Longdongwan Park
Parking Fee:Car:NT$50, Motorcycle:NT$20 (Bus cannot park here)
Food & drinks: Coffee:NT$50~100, convenience store
Swimming area: adult ticket:NT$100, Children ticket:NT$80(child should be taller then 120cm)
Longdong S. Ocean Park
Ticket:adult ticket:NT$100,discount ticket:NT$80
Parking fee:bus:NT$100, car:NT$50, motorcycle:NT$20
The admission fee can blance to drinks expense NT$20
Yanliao Beach Park
Ticket:adult ticket:NT$90,discount ticket:NT$70, group ticket(30 people and upward):NT$80
Parking fee:free
The admission fee can blance to drinks expense NT$20
Longmen Camping Site
Ticket fee:adult ticket:NT$70, discount ticket:NT$50
Parking fee:bus:NT$100, car:NT$50, motorcycle:NT$20
Fulong Beach
adult ticket:NT$80
discount ticket:NT$50
group(16 people and upward):NT$60
insurance ticket:NT$10
Fulong Parking lot

Parking lot charges:

large-sized vehicles : 50 $NTD/ per hour
standard-sized vehicles : 30 $NTD/ per hour

*free for staying time less than 5 minutes

*people with disabilities have 3 hours free for parking, and half prices after 3 hours.

*free for Gongliao regional citizen

Beiguan Tidal Park
parking fee: bus:NT$100, car:NT$50, motorcycle:NT$20
Guishan Island

General admission fee: 100 $NTD 

Concession :

Seniors (65+ with ID): free admission on weekdays, half price on weekend.

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