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Jiaosi is a renowned hot springs location of Taiwan. Its hot springs region used to be Yilan’s most populous area. Nowadays, it is still a much favored vacation spot for tourists. Because it is located along a volcanic zone, there are distinctive landforms such as hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and other landforms. The fertile grounds and plentiful water source offered by the Jiaoxi River provides a suitable environment for agricultural development and more importantly, the potential to develop tourism.

As of now, Jiaosi actively combines recreational activities, tourism, agriculture and fishery with the aim of creating a new peak for its tourism industry; worth mentioning is the unique dragon boat competition held by the Erlong Village during the Dragon Boat Festival. The boat competition held by this village is said to be the most distinguished and interesting of Taiwan. In contrast with the traditional symbolic meaning of the dragon boat competitions, i.e. to remember the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, Erlong Village holds the competition in continuation of the Kavalan tradition of expiating the sins of the dead with a ceremony of racing on waves. The liveliness of Jiaosi can be experienced through its recreational locations, such as the majestic Wufongci Falls, the educational Jinche Orchid Garden(King Car Group), and the prosperous Sietian Temple. These locations will offer tourists a completely different travel experience!


Last Updated:2019-04-01 17:00
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