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After entering the Lanyang Plains through Beiguan, visitors will reach Toucheng Town, the town known as the “First City Upon Entry of Lanyang”. Touchen faces east towards the Pacific and is backed by mountain from the north and east. It has a coastline that stretches for 28km, which also presents in varying ways. This long coastline served an important role since the Qing Dynasty, as an important business town. The present Heping Street is the best proof of this.

The Jhu-an River Outlet Wetlands is a place people who like birds and natural scenery should not miss. In the past, more than 190 different birds, such as dabbling ducks, snipes, herons, and gulls have migrated there for winter. In the recent years, with the establishment of breeding zones and development of the surrounding land, the Jhu-an River Outlet has seen a drop in the numbers of species visiting, but according to the Yilan Bird Watching Committee more than 80 species still pass through the region.

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