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Chiang Ku Ceremony in Toucheng

"Chiang Ku Ceremony in Toucheng" is a local activity. It is closely related with the development of Lanyang Plain, and is an indispensable activity if you want to understand Taiwan's development. It is said that the pioneer of Yilan – Wusa – led people to enter and develop the region, with Toucheng as the first site of development. During the process, many people died of war, disease and natural disaster and thus there were many ghosts wandering about. Therefore, the mysterious Chiang Ku ceremony of the Ghost Fesitval was introduced so that the following generations of Yilan’s people could express the sincerity of remembrance toward their ancestors and give them offerings.

There are both cultures of gods and ghosts in the "Chiang Ku Ceremony".
Before the end of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Ku rack and Fan rack are built.
The Ku rack is named "Daota Rack", with its shape like a pyramid.
There are Ku fences on it made of bamboo tied with offerings and on the top,
there is a "Shunfong Flag". This huge rack is very magnificent.
After the Ku fences are all set, the competitions are held during Zi hours (11 p.m. to 1a.m.). A Taoist priest will start to "Jin Bao Zai Xiang", which is to stick incense in stuffed buns and then throw them onto the ground. After this, the priest will go down from the altar, walk around the seven-star light, chant the mantra, cast some salt, and finally, play the horn to finish the rite. Once the gong is sounded, teams immediately climb the pillars of the rack. However, each pillar is 23 to 26 meters high, and there is a thick layer of oil on each pillar. Only the most cooperative team is able to win the competition. As the first player climbs on the Ku rack, he will let the cakes and biscuits fall on the ground for the crowds to grab and pick up. Immediately, he will keep on climbing for the "Sungfong Flag" on top of the Ku fence. The first one to reach the top will cut the rope with a sickle and retrieve the "Sungfong Flag”, followed with a gold medal for his performance. As the winner, he will win the audience’s acclaims.
Yilan county is a county that is "Based on Culture". Yilan continues the magnificent tradition of "Chiang Ku Ceremony" and enriches its contents with cultural arts. "Chiang Ku Ceremony in Toucheng" is a manifestation of humanism with the basic concept that "people and ghosts are one family". If you want to experience this event, one that is very different from any other you’ve experienced, you have to come to Yilan to see this exciting physical competition and the "Festival of Ghost Month" of "Joy to the Dead and the Alive” for yourself.
Last Updated:2019-07-01 11:05
Activity Info
  • Time:July (lunar calendar)

  • Place:Toucheng Town

  • Sponsor:Toucheng Ghost Memorial Association
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