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Hohaiyan Rock Festival

Hohaiyan Rock Festival is a music concert that lasts for many days. It is held every summer in Taiwan. Its purpose is to encourage the creation of local music. It was first held in 2001. Because it was held at Fulong Beach, Gongliao Village of Taipei County for many years, it is also called Gongliao Ocean Concert and for short, the ocean concert. "Hohaiyan" (shout to the ocean)in the English name comes from the language of the Amis, one of Taiwan’s aboriginals. It is a modal particle related to waves. Organizers also chose the Amis folk song “ Taibalang” as the theme song of the festival.

The participants of this festival include plenty of famous rock bands, singers and underground bands. The stages of Hohaiyan Rock Festival are built on two beaches inside and outside of Fulong Beach. The performers and bands take turns performing and visitors can enter for free.

Hohaiyan Rock Festival encourages and promotes Taiwan music creation by
the method of "Ocean Music Performance" and serves as the annual
pilgrimage performance of Taiwan's rock bands. This platform develops
musical creativity and encourages young artists with their own styles to offer their
performances to the public. In the meantime, to provide young people with activities,
there will be ocean music and water-related activities that require bravery, tolerance and distinction. Hence, each year more and more young people arrive to the Northeast Coast and take the complete packaged tour.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:28
Activity Info
  • Place:Fulong Coast Vacation Area

  • Time:Mid-July

  • Type:Rock

  • Sponsor:New Taipei City Government

  • Ticket Price:Free