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Sand Sculpting Festival

"Have you ever made a sand castle as a child?" "Do you know where the most suitable place to make a sand castle is?" The area stretching from Gongliao village to Fulong in the northeast coast of Taiwan has been evaluated as the most suitable place for sand sculpting in Taiwan by the World Sand Sculpting Association (WSSA). This golden coastline is 3 km long, and the quality of the white sand is soft and fine, allowing it to be easily shaped after mixing with water. Adults and children can shape their own small kingdoms along the coast here.

Sand sculpting activity is a recreation that combines children's delights and artistic abilities. In recent years, the government enlarged the scale of these events, even inviting an American master of sand sculpting - Gerry Kirk- here, who created
large sand sculptures such as the Forbidden City
and a crystal palace on the beach of Gongliao. In addition, another 4 masters of the U.S. and Canada came with him, creating a 30 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 10 meters tall huge magic sand castle, surprising the people who came here to play, and also opening their eyes to the extent of art forms.

It is said that the sand sculpting activity originates from Europe and America, and sand sculptures were found on the beaches of the ancient Ganges. Sand sculptures emphasize the elements of creation, health, safety, teamwork and environmental protection. Participants will use lines to form a 3 meter by 3 meter area in the sand. Their material is restricted to sand, and the tools are generally shovels and buckets. Of course, they cannot use adhesives or other decorations such as branches and plastic items. After the competition is over, all they have to do is remove the lines and these creations will return to nature with the tide of the ocean.
Last Updated:2019-07-01 11:03
Activity Info
  • Place:Fulong Coast Vacation Area

  • Time:May-June

  • Sponsor:Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration