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Hami Melon Festival in Jhuangwe

Jhuangwei village is a town that focuses on agriculture. To its east is the Pacific Ocean, and since it is located downstream of the Lanyang river, it is situated within a plain. In addition, the excellent drainage and sufficient sunlight are suitable for the growth of a variety of melons and fruits. Among them, the quantities of water melon, Hami melon and muskmelon produced are the highest. Jhuangwei is worthy of the name “the heaven of melon and fruit”.

Each year, Jhuangwei abounds with Hami melons in June and July. In order
to promote Jhuangwei’s delicious Hami melons, the Jhuangwei Farmers'
Association held a Hami Melon Festival in 1999 that was met with a warm
reception. The success was a great encouragement to the staff. Hence,
every year hereafter they have held a cheerful Hami Melon Festival. During
the festival, the locale is full of the smell of Hami melon and villagers
welcome visitors just like a real festival. During these days, in addition to professional evaluations on the sweetness level, there are also various kinds of performances and competitions. The hard-working farmers always smile when they see the results of their efforts.
Last Updated:2019-07-01 10:45
Activity Info
  • Place:Zhuangwei Town

  • Time:May~July

  • Sponsor:Zhuangwei Township Office