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The Yilan Green Expo

The first Yilan Green Expo of Yilan county was launched in the year 2000. It is highly recognized and evaluated every year. This activity is held based on the ideas of sustainable ecology, environmental protection education, green lifestyle and their combinations with local customs. Each year, it brings people different surprises and has become one of the largest and
most famous activities held in Yilan county.

At the Green Expo, after the plants here are trimmed delicately,
they present fresh and interesting plant designs that will offer
people new views in their homes, surprise them and allow them to
experience the green life they never had and always wanted.
Each year the Green Expo sets up a theme zone with a variety of
theme activitities and a fun zone which is appropriate for the activities of
parents and children, and provides excellent performances and exhibitions of a wide variety. No wonder people who come here always exclaim, "Next year, I will definitely come here again!"
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:27
Activity Info
  • Place:Dongshan River

  • Time:March~May

  • Type:Ecology

  • Sponsor:Yilan County Government