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Sanshing Green Onion and Garlic Festival

When winter comes, an ancient saying occurs to the mind: "January is the season for green onions; February is the season for leek." The quality of green onions in January is the best, and it is also the season that green onion and garlic grows abundantly. If someone asks, "Where is the production origin of green onion and garlic?" Unquestionably, the first place people think of is "Sanshing Township".

Due to the clear and clean water here, the Sanshing district has become an origin of high-quality crops. Every year, there area is abound in fruits and vegetables such as green onion, garlic, cattail willow, General pear, magnolia tea and etc., a feast for gourmets! Since 1996, through planning by local villagers, Sanshing district developed many interesting activities, especially the"Green Onion and Garlic Festival". It greatly popularized the unique local features of Sanshing district, making the area appealing to visitors. It has become the annual big event of Yilan. 

The contents of the green onion and garlic festival are different each year. The contents of the agriculture activities here are full of creative ideas. Moreover, there are also attractions related to the season combined in these activities. The most unforgettable among them is the well-known "Local meal of green onion and garlic" of Sanshing village. You can taste the most delicious meals made of green onion and garlic of the season here, appreciate the beautiful scenery of cattail willow, rape flower and cosmos and participate in interesting activities such as plot plant DIY and pottery-making event of green onion and garlic. After enjoying the food and having a good time, visitors should always remember to purchase some green onions and garlic to cook at home and buy some cattail willows to beautify their living environment. It is an excellent idea to spend the Chinese new year in Sanshing district because of "Tsong (tsong- green onion's Chinese pronunciation) Man Sheng Suan (suan- garlic’s Chinese pronunciation)", which means "full of winning opportunities". Moreover, when you take cattail willows back home, it is the good symbol “fortune and wealth” which is believed to be abundant in the house."
Last Updated:2019-01-02 09:39
Activity Info
  • Time:Dec.

  • Place:Sanshing Town

  • Sponsor:Sanshing Farmer Association,Sanshing Township