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Jiaoxi Hot Springs Festival

Since the first Jiaosi Hot Springs Festival organized by the Yilan County government was held in 2003, the festival has become the center of attention that visitors looks forward to each year. Lasting for more than 10 days, the event it is always crowded and bustling in the Jiaosi Hot Springs Hall,where are shows such as traditional folk dances, modern singing and dancing, and lively children’s programs.

Jiaosi Hot Springs has been widely known for more than a hundred years, and in the Qing dynasty when it has been selected as one of the "Eight Sights of Lanyang". In recent years, the Yilan County government has devoted itself to reforming the culture of Jiaosi hot spring bathing, and developing the distinguishing characteristics of local hot spring bathing. They have put much effort in transforming the hot springs into sustainable resources. On one hand, the features of Japanese hot spring bathing have been absorbed, and on the other, local industries have also been promoted. Phenol exists in Jiaoxi’s hot springs, which is regarded by hot spring researchers as the best natural nourishment for the stomach and skin. When people relax themselves and enjoy the fine hot springs offered here, they can relax to the utmost level and release the pressures they have accumulated from daily life.
The most valuable aspect of the Jiaosi Hot Springs Festival is that people can appreciate artistic and cultural performances while they enjoy hot springs. In addition, they can enjoy a journey that combines the body, mind and soul in a trip complete with heath, culture, and tourism within the beautiful and clean landscape of Lanyang.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 10:34
Activity Info
  • Time:Dec.-Feb.

  • Place:Jiaoxi Town

  • Sponsor:Yilan County Government
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