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Ruifang District is a renowned township of Taiwan’s northeast. It is known for its roots in the mining industry, which gradually evolved into other industries. Jioufeng, a part of Rueifang, was Taiwan’s gold mining center in the past. It is a small mountain village with ever changing scenery of both mountain and sea that still retains the simple lifestyle of the past. In 1893, gold dust was discovered in the surrounding area. A numbers of gold rushers and gold miners were gradually moving into Jioufeng and started Taiwan’s own gold rush. By the end of the second world war, following Taiwan’s independence from Japan, the gold rush had diminished and the crowds began to scatter, finally coming to an end in 1971. However, the development of tourism gradually revived Jioufeng to its former glory, and nowadays, tourists will find that the old streets are always bustling with people. Jioufeng has become a place where the busy urban dweller can find a place to relax his or her mind.

Jioufeng is located on a hillside that faces the ocean and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. It is a mountain colony stretching over high and low, with its people still maintaining their original simple lifestyle. Because the houses and buildings are built close together, residents interact frequently, lending this place a warm and rich human touch. With the changing of seasons, the scenery also varies greatly, presenting different aspects of Jioufeng. In the past, Jioufeng was the dreamland of gold seekers; as of now, it has become a sanctuary for many artists.

Last Updated:2019-04-15 16:28
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