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Keelung, formerly known as “Ji Long” (rooster cage in Chinese), is situated at the northernmost end of Taiwan. It is surrounded in the south, east and west by mountains, leaving only a portion of flat land extending towards the ocean. This unique landform has allowed it to become a good harbor. In the winter, it receives plentiful rain, and is thus also known as the “Rainy Port”.

In 1984, Keelung City had already been pronounced the 7th greatest container ship harbor in the world, but as the hinterland gradually shrunk, coupled with the rise of large harbors, Keelung Harbor gradually lost its competitive advantage. Currently, it focuses on developing tourism. It is an international port city with large ships berthed year round, and has an exciting and prosperous Ghost Festival, plus many famous delicacies from the Miaokou (Temple-front) Night Market. Visitors can wander between exciting locations such as cannon towers and tunnels, beautiful capes and bays, fish ports and fish market which will make anyone want to linger around some more!

Pineapple Cake is a famous delicacy of Keelung City. The traditional flavors, insisted upon by old stores will have you coming back for more! There are also other delicious pastries such as curry cakes, mung bean cakes and red bean cakes with yolk waiting for you to choose from!


Last Updated:2019-09-27 09:53
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