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Wushi Port Visitor Center

Wushi Port Visitor Center
Wushi Port Visitor Center

 The Wushi Port Visitor Center in Toucheng Township, Yilan County is 15 minutes north of Jiaoxi by car if you take National Highway No.5. It is listed as one of the Ten Classical Fishery Ports by the Fisheries Agency of Taiwan and an important tourist destination along the Blue Highway. It mainly provides information Turtle Island tours and other boating services, as well as general information about Yilan.


The center looks like a giant ship with a mast resting beside the Wushi Port. Both its exterior and interior are designed by internationally renowned architect Victor Yu-chu Su. To show the importance of Wushi as a merging point of rivers and seas, the center is designed to be a transparent box through which the river and the ocean can be symbolically brought together.


Colorful images are projected in the center; they tell stories of the Wushi Port and the Eight Views of Lanyang. The architect hopes that visitors can learn about Lanyang in this bright center where images and extensive natural views overlap, instead of reading conventional explanatory texts or exhibits in a dark room.

Last Updated:2015-03-27 10:06
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