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Wushi Port

Wushi PortWushi PortWushi PortWushi Port
Wushi PortWushi PortWushi PortWushi Port

 The Wushi Port was inaugurated in the Sixth Year of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty in 1826 and is thus historically important rather than just an ordinary fishery port. Its name “Wushi” (dark rock) derives from a black giant reef rock in the port.


Wushi was once the biggest port of Yilan. During the Reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, immigrant leader Wu Sha and his people settled in Lanyang and built a fort in where Toucheng resides today. Many other immigrants came along and Wushi gradually became the most important waterway hub in the region. The Qing officials set up a customhouse and some cannons here to stop pirates from invading. In its golden days, there even were waterways especially leading to the Qingyuan Temple and the famous “Thirteen Trade Houses.”Because all of the everyday goods were imported from and imported out of here, Wushi was once known for its scene of commercial ships coming in and out in spring.


Today, Wushi Port features a tourist fishery market called the “Wushi Fishery Port Fish and Seafood Direct Sale Center” and a leisure yacht wharf. Enjoy coastal views and fresh fish and seafood at the Wushi Port, or take a boat or yacht for some oceanic fun!

Last Updated:2018-07-17 10:13
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