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Gold Museum

Gold Museum
Gold Museum

 The Golden Museum is located in the mountain town of Jinguashi, Ruifang District, New Taipei City. The first ecological museum in Taiwan, it has a rich history and lots of natural resources. The museum’s English logo is written like an expressive Chinese ink character. Its shape looks like the nearby Chahushan (“teapot mountain”), indicating that the museum aims to showcase culture in nature. The letter “G” refers to both “gold” and “green,” suggesting that the museum is operated based on these two concepts and hopefully will be passed down from one generation to another.


The Gold Museum is composed of several sections. The Museum of Gold introduces the mining culture and the physical properties of gold. At the Benshan Fifth Tunnel, visitors can go deep into an old mining tunnel to feel the working conditions of early miners. In the Environmental Building, mining samples of Jinguashi are displayed. The Crown Prince Chalet, a historic palatial Japanese architecture, is open to the public. Although the chalet itself is not accessible, visitors are welcome to appreciate it from the garden. There are many other spots worth a visit near the museum, such as Jinguashi Geological Park, Jinguashi Shrine, Chahushan, POW Camp and Golden Waterfall.

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