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Nanfangao Visitor Center

Nanfangao Visitor CenterNanfangao Visitor Center
Nanfangao Visitor CenterNanfangao Visitor Center

 The Nanfangao Visitor Center is a two-storey building. It is designed to demonstrate the best features of Nanfangao, such as its village culture and the fishery industry.


The center holds exhibitions that explain the nature, ecology, oceanic culture and scenic spots at the Northeast and Yilan Coasts, or the wetlands, fishery village culture, cold spring and seafood in Suao. Travel information about Suao and Nanfangao can be found, too.


“Green architecture” is what the center aims to be. It is organic, revitalizing and energy efficient. It fits well into the surrounding nature and makes proper use of its resources. There are wind power and rain collection facilities in the center’s compound, and the building itself has lots of windows that usher winds and sunshine in. In this multi-layered space where light penetrates, architecture and nature seem to have become one. It feels the center is part of the oceanic landscape outside, and that it is in sync with mountains and oceans. Today, this green building has become a new landmark of Nanfangao.


There is an interactive Northeast Coast map, a small area where you can draw divination poems from Goddess Mazu, a briefing room, an e-message board, a travel information network and a service counter. The briefing room can accommodate up to 45 audience members, and a 18-minute digital movie “Falling in Love with Mountains and Oceans” is screened regularly there. The 6-minute“Symphony of Mountains and Seas,” a popular 3D film, is also screened twice per day, once in the morning and the other in afternoon. Should any questions arise, go to the service counter where staff members are ready to provide answers.

Statistics of the center’s wind power facilities are shown here. A film on the local fish auction market is screened. There are also “fishing fun” and “interactive cooking” games, through which children can learn about the seasonal fish of Nanfangao and the best ways to cook them. Adults can get to learn about the seafood of Nanfangao, too.


Enjoy your trip to Nanfangao and bring home happy memories!

Last Updated:2015-03-27 11:08
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